More on Gaza

Egypt began closing its breached border with the Gaza Strip on Friday, using barbed wire and water cannons to keep Palestinians from leaving the Hamas-controlled territory in defiance of an Israeli blockade… (Notice that Israel is depicted as the bad guy here, though all they’re doing is trying to defend themselves against Hamas terrorists)

Israel said it had tightened its Gaza blockade last week to counter cross-border rocket fire, but after an international outcry, fuel and aid supplies were partially restored…

The Egyptian government faces a difficult balancing act. It does not want to be seen as aiding Israel in its blockade of Gaza, but it fears the spread of Islamist influences and the effects of becoming home to so many undocumented Palestinians.

Another interesting fact:  If you’re Egypt, it’s okay to be concerned about the influx of these Gaza folk.  If you’re Israel, however, who is being constantly shot up by Gazans, it causes an international outcry when you close your border to them. 

And of course, you wouldn’t want people to think you were aiding Israel–oh, no, never that!

These quotes were excerpts from this article and I thought the pictures were rather interesting, too.

As for me and my house,

Photo: Arts & Graphics: Wherever I Stand, I Stand With Israel by jayjeter 575) this.width=575″ tagged=”true”>


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6 Responses to More on Gaza

  1. AngelAware says:

    Hi There My name is Kathleen and I am the one who owns the contest (Photo contest) I wanted to come by and say hello. Its neat to meet someone  who lives so close to me. How cool is that I am loving the snow and get out in it as much as my body allows me

  2. BooksForMe says:

    I love that graphic.  Amen to this post.  

  3. I’m sorry I’ve been so absent this week!All that snow and cold from your story…urgh.  It’s been mild here, but we have to walk everywhere or take the bus, so I’m very glad.Tributary! What a great image and quote!I stand with Israel, too. They are God’s peculiar people, a chosen race.  As a country, they may not make the best choices, but they are still the heritage of Christ. (the past tense heritage, not what is to come)

  4. I have thought for a very long time that Israel is in the right. Of course, it probably helps to have an Israeli friend who is fighting on the Gaza strip… RYC: Yes, we get a lot of very cute things out of that child! His maturity level is sometimes very low (though he’s four, he sometimes acts like he’s just turned three) so we get comments all over the spectrum, from about a 3 year old level all the way to the occasional seven year old type comments, big words and all!

  5. CaliRosie says:

    RYC: thanks…your comment made me smile. I ALWAYS forget i have something in the oven… 😀

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