Desperate Gazans

I just read an article here that is quite sad.  It paints a very sorry picture.

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said Wednesday that his country will allow Palestinians from Gaza to cross into Egypt to buy supplies “as long as this is a humanitarian crisis.”

At least 50,000 people, according to the ministry, have poured from Gaza into Egypt to buy food and fuel after Palestinians blew holes in the border wall.


…Hundreds of cars streamed toward Rafah — on the Egyptian border — unloading occupants who then jumped over.

Others returned, carrying bags of food and cans of fuel. Two men tottered under the weight of mattresses they balanced on their backs. A small boy, dragging a sack, tried to keep up.

So very sad–those poor people!  However, several things come to mind:

People in Gaza are starving and in dire need of medical aid.  Why? 

#1  They do not cultivate many of their own crops, nor do they have medical facilites, which leaves them largely dependent on Israel for all their needs.

#2  The aid that does come to their corrupt leaders is not distributed efficently to the needy.

#3  They harbor terrorists who shoot rockets into Israel every day, resulting in the border between Gaza and Israel being closed.  If this weren’t the case, the people would still be driving to work in Israel as they have for years, and they would not be hungry.

Isn’t it interesting that no one ever really hears about Egypt’s border to Gaza being closed, but Israel is roundly criticized for not being more compassionate to those who are assaulting them? 

Isn’t it interesting that Egypt gets an approving headline for allowing these starving people to come over their walls, while Israel’s humanitarian relief gets only this brief mention, buried deep in the article.

On Tuesday, Israel allowed fuel and medical supplies into Gaza, easing the blockade somewhat.

The media doesn’t bother to tell us any more about that.  After all, it’s just what we expect from Israel–they should be giving things to their enemies, I guess.  However Egypt, (who Gazans are not attacking, by the way) are heroes because they “allowed” these poor suffering people to come in and buy food and supplies.

And if you’ll notice, the Egyptian government only decided to “allow” it at 2 a.m. after the Gazan militants blew holes in the border fence and were already pouring through.  Very commendable of them, don’t you think?

I get so frustrated with biased media.  They may tell the truth, but only such a tiny portion of the truth as to be UNtruth. 




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5 Responses to Desperate Gazans

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  2. UNtruth–would that be the UN? (United Nations?)  hee heeSeriously, though, there is such suffering, and here I am whining about cheese puffs.  I will have to give account before God.  May I be more sober.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had read that same news story, but those questions had never occurred to me — too busy thinking about other things.  Thanks for bringing them up.  Lately, it seems to take the skills of an investigative reporter to be able to figure out exactly what the truth is from current news stories.

  4. I think whats even sadder yet are the American people who believe exactly what they read or hear and don’t research or question whether its true. And even worse, want to believe it for their own agendas. How is the wedding dress coming?

  5. sunshine1939 says:

    Very interesting post!!!!!!  Sure gives us something to think about.  How are the wedding plans coming?    Sounds like the bride has the days , hours, and minutes counted. We will be thinking about all of you!!!! Are your folks coming?

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