We’ve had quite a bit of snow the past couple of days, but it has hovered just above freezing, so it’s always melting at the same time.  With this unusual weather, we’ve gotten some very interesting snow formations.  This bit of snow hanging off the shop roof reminds me of lace.



And today I have a nasty sore throat and I think I shall stay in by the fire and sniffle.  And maybe if I get ambitious, I’ll put a zipper in a wedding dress. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The lacey snow is so pretty!

  2. BooksForMe says:

    That looks so pretty.  How cool that you could capture it.

  3. fwren says:

    Yep, that’s lace all right!  Sniffle away, girl, and get it over with ~ you got things to do and more things to do, I’m a thinkin’ ~

  4. Sorry about the sore throat.  Zipper + wedding dress = no way.  Best wishes to you with it, though!

  5. Hutch5 says:

    oooh! pretty snow. we’ve only got rain and mud – trade ya? :)and just by reading your comment i can hear that whistle again!!! thanks. :p hope the sore throat goes away soon – but the fire sounds cozy!blessings ~a.

  6. BooksForMe says:

    Here is the news story on the 87 tornadoes…LINK

  7. I love your snow pictures! Hope you had fun at the Bridal shower!

  8. i wish we could get snow like that around here – all we get is stupid ice storms!  😦
    how was the bridal shower?
    hope you get ambitious enough to get the zipper in :).
    thanks for stopping by!
    hugs, me

  9. SpazzyMommy says:

    Believe it or not- I like ice storms…but LOVE snowstorms…maybe it’s only because in the south their so rare that their almost like an unexpected holiday! 🙂
    The snow is pretty off your shed! Thanks for dropping by and saying hi! 🙂 NOW GO CLEAN YOUR DRAWERS!!!! (lol)
    Hope all is well. Casandra

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