The weather has gone nuts!

A few days ago, it suddenly turned warm.  Several 50 degree days and lots of rain completely wiped out all the snow.  Today it was cooler, but still not bad.  We were all about 45 minutes away from home, in a couple different directions, and it began to snow.  And it SNOWED.  We saw the first few flakes as we started home, and by the time we made a quick stop, then hit the freeway, visibility was zero.  That is the most awful, disorienting feeling.  I crept along, feeling for the rumble strips, trying to catch a glimpse of the lines on the road.  Very soon, that wasn’t an option, since they were covered with snow, and an occasional glimpse of a reflector or sign was our only guide.  Had there been ANYWHERE to stop, I would have, but sitting beside a deserted freeway all night didn’t seem very attractive.  After a (seemingly) very long time of driving like that (probably 20 minutes) the snow let up a bit, so that we could see more than 3 feet in front of us.  That’s when I found out that the roads were slick, too.  Extremely slick.  After a rather spectacular one-eighty which included a near-miss with an overpass, I settled for 20-25 mph the rest of the way home.  Knowing that my beloved husband was driving somewhere ahead of me and that my daughter was driving an hour or so away was not particularly comforting, either.  We made it home, though I did get stuck at the end of the driveway.  It was just so slick, I couldn’t get it to go either forward or back.  Dh came out and drove it in for me (why do vehicles seem to obey him better, anyway? )  A little while ago dd got home, too, so I am thankful.  God is good.  I certainly threw a lot of prayers at Him tonight.

But this weather is just plain weird!  As we were arriving home, we saw lightning.  Have you EVER heard of a snowstorm with lightning?  And all these freaky tornadoes in January–what in the world is going on?  I’ve heard one theory (an interesting one.)  What’s yours?


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17 Responses to The weather has gone nuts!

  1. sparrow59 says:

    The only thing worse than a drive home like that is having to drive home in a white-out and having to go to the bathroom so bad you can’t sit still and there’s nowhere to stop and no place to (pee) and by the time you manage to get home you’ve got to go so bad you can’t move without … you know … “leaking a little bit”……
    Hopefully you never have to drive through a storm like that again.  And hopefully neither will I.

  2. BooksForMe says:

    Oh, what a nightmare.  Are you getting more snow tonight?  It didn’t take me long to get out of the snow mode—it has been feeling like Spring all week.  So weird.   No rain to speak, yet, but they keep saying it’s coming.  As for theories, I think I’m sticking with the theory I shared on my blog.  I’m glad everyone is home safe and sound.  How is the wedding dress coming along? 

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to go look it up, but could it be because we are in the last days?  So glad you ALL made it home safely.  It must have been a helpless feeling!  Yes, God is good.

  4. praise the Lord you all go home safely.  I live in MD, and where I’m at, we’ve had very little measurable snow.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thunder with snow is quite rare but does happen.  Being in Texas I have never seen, or heard, it but I have talked to several people that have heard of it. 

  6. cereneone says:

    I think the rocks are crying out. People are not praising God so nature is. Glad you all got home safe. What an ordeal!

  7. joy4jesus424 says:

    uuuhhhh…Hillary won the primary in New Hampshire?? or maybe global warming

  8. Anonymous says:

    Glad you all were able to make it home all right.  I’ve driven on the freeway during white-out conditions; it is very frightening!  I’ve also experienced “thunder snow” a couple times:  once at the Grand Canyon and once here in the OH/PA/WV tri-state area (that was just a week or so ago!).  Not only is the weather weird, but it seems I’ve also seen more than the usual share of animal attacks on the news lately.  I do believe it will get worse before the Lord comes again.

  9. A hearty amen to cereneone’s thoughts! Always interested to hear yours too
    Praise the Lord you all made it home safely!! I hear ya about vehicles vs. me and vehicles vs. men. I always feel like such a retard
    I remember hearing/seeing thunder and lightening last year with snow. It was around 70 here a few days ago. Now it’s around 40 but very windy with more rain expected. The Wabash is already very flooded here. It could be a drought so I guess I shouldn’t complain. I figure with all this warm weather in January we’ll pay for it come March or April. I am enjoying not hearing the furnace kick on every 15 minutes though!!

  10. fwren says:

    Our president is in Israel pushing the division of it again, ya know ~
    We had thunder snow here a couple of years ago ~ too wierd, I agree.  So glad you are okay!  I just HATE driving in whiteouts or rain coming down so hard that windshield wipers cannot keep up.  One of the worst things for me anymore is driving in rain at night ~ almost impossible for these old eyes.  Again ~ thankful you guys all got home safely ~ could you please stay there now?

  11. CaliRosie says:

    Eeeek.. now that would freak me out. Beings i’ve never driven in snow or ice in my Glad you all made it home safe!
    I guess my very first thought before i even read fwren’s comment was the push to divide Isreal…

  12. ElizabethDNB says:

    Oh my goodness!  I am so glad you got home safely!  That is so scary!  I had to pull over a few months ago when it started raining really hard all of a sudden.  I don’t even know what I would do in snow!  I ahve never actually been in falling snow.
    I think the wacky weather is due to global warming and other results of our abuse of the earth that the Lord made for us to be GOOD stewards of.  I know that some places whole communities have had to relocate due to the impact on their farming or drinking water.

  13. Glad you made it home OK!  Global warming sucks.

  14. homefire says:

      I guess I’m with Caroline   This is just too weird.  And it fits too well.  And since I really believe global warming is nothing but a fabrication, there has to be some expanation!

  15. mamaglop says:

    I don’t have to drive in snow much because it doesn’t snow much here, but your description of driving in snow really hit home with me.  I had a scary 20 minutes on the freeway this Monday with snow blowing in fat white flakes against the window. I had my wipers on full speed, but everytime a truck passed there were moments of complete loss of visibility, and they were going past while I was doing about 40 miles an hour and barely able to see anything at that speed.  I would have parked somewhere if I could have too. 

  16. the_grat says:

    thunderstorms are caused by rising masses of moisture meeting the right instabilities of temperature/pressure, etc.  winter (which to us equals snow) is much dryer and colder in your region, and not conducive for for thunderstorms to develop.  however, it not not impossible, or unheard of – in certain ‘border’ states, such as NC, you are more likely to see occurrences of both lightening (which produces thunder) and snow, as there is masses and rushes of both warmer and colder air consecutively.
    as for global warming – i am in chicago right now, where it is -2 outside (BELOW ZERO !) and so… ! i’m just about to take up fasting and praying that this global warming thing will come quickly, wipe out california, and bring the beach to me.  tomorrow would be fine.
    and i would really really like to know why the heck cereneone thinks that tornados & severe snowstorms are ‘praising god’ ? yeah…

  17. homefire says:

    I’m with ya on that global warming thing, grat!  LOL!  Brrrrrr.

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