Life just keeps going…

Well, I have managed to get a couple things checked off my list.  Tickets for my parents to come to the wedding are purchased, shower guest list is finished, I called the hotel to work out a glitch in the guest reservations (some of the guests weren’t getting the discounted rate they promised us, but it’s fixed now,) changed dentist appt for dh, and I found most of the family room floor and vacuumed it.  And oh, yeah, we did an abbreviated form of school. 

What I still need to do:

Bake a cake and decorate it for my daughter who is ELEVEN today!
Wrap gifts for same
Fold the enormous pile of laundry that is still inhabiting a corner of the family room
Print some more calendars (they were popular, and I got more orders)
Get some more prices on wedding food

Our attic is being insulated today, which hopefully will make our house warmer, but at the moment is making it freezing cold because they had to run a hose through an open door.  They are also weatherstripping the doors, so there is a lot of pounding and slamming and such.  Plus we have a one year old babysittee who is crawling around.  Life is a bit hectic.

And oh, yeah, the wedding dress…  I really needed to spend the entire day on that, but it’s not happening!


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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4 Responses to Life just keeps going…

  1. fwren says:

    Wish I was closer so I could help ~ it has been a mostly do not much of anything day here ~ except birdwatching!    We got our reservation just fine, btw.  What calendars?
    Happy 11th Birthday, A! 

  2. Christmas mini’s are half price. Sorry, half to take advantage of the saving’s.

  3. thank you for your sweet and dear encouragement to my Morgan during this time of her accident~ and encouragement to me as well ~ thank you!!! I have been so humbled by the outpouring of God’s people reaching out and seeing her through this time. Your kindness has been such a sweet blessing to us both.May the Lord bless this new year for you and yours!lovealyssa welch

  4. BooksForMe says:

    You and Fwren have a real world connection!?  Small world.Yes, what calendars?  It sounds like you walked on some waves, today!  Keep looking up.  I pray the Lord give you time on the dress.  You can do it!

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