I saw this on Teacher Person’s site and just had to pass it on.  It struck me pretty funny!




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  1. fwren says:

    That is fantastic!    RYC:  Actually, that IS your creek ~ out by the highway ~

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is awesome!!

  3. I love “We’re sponsoring a Haitian.”

  4. BooksForMe says:

    Awesome!  I have to share this.  I have a lot of homeschoolers who visit and I think they’ll appreciate it.  What a well-done video.  I’m so impressed!

  5. I just wish I had faster internet………maybe I WILL go to the Library today! Liked the pics couln’t make head nor tails of the song and words except for “the ……family”. I recognise the song and tune but, I’m sure they changed the words……..but, pictures speak louder than words and that part was great. Thanks for sharing. I might try to pass this on to our church members…… I think they all homeschool, most of them do anyway.

  6. When I went back in I got it fine……so, I don’t need to go to the library afterall……its even better than the first time…….who da thunk it?  Very creative and entertaining and looks like a “BIG” family has lots a fun!

  7. Alright that was pretty cute, thanks for the link!

  8. SpazzyMommy says:

    I missed this on Mary’s site (Teacherperson) but am SO glad to have seen it on your site. I just forwarded it to every homeschool friend I know. 🙂  HA!

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