Are You a Moon?

I’m finally getting back to some books that have been laying half-finished on my desk for months.  Since most of them are borrowed, I really need to finish them and return them rather than starting another new book.  (Anyone else have this problem?)  A quote from this one:

The church is the moon.  It sheds no light of its own.  The church’s only purpose is to reflect the glory of the Lord Jesus by teaching the gospel, and by so doing, being a light to the world.  Since 1948 the church has lost its zeal; and we are in the period of time when Mat 24:29 is being fulfilled, the days after the tribulation, the days when the moon is turned to blood, Rev 6:12.  Blood is useless for reflecting light. 

…Now the central concern of the church is not sharing the gospel, or surviving through persecution, but (can you believe it) the Christian and his money.

…By our complacency we have allowed a minority of power-seeking, godless men to control our government, businesses, and media.  They, too, tell us to worship the image of the beast, and be the slave of his mark.  Now it is too late.  These economic power brokers are entrenched, and a fearful Ephraim may yet have to flee this land and go to the only place on Earth where the Lord has promised him safety:  Israel!

This is the most fascinating study of Bible prophecy that I have ever read, and unlike everything I’d ever heard before.  Yet it’s well thought out and makes a lot of sense.  And in the process of presenting his view, the author throws in some great spiritual insights.  I love the thought of the church being the moon, with no light of its own.  That’s what I want to be–a moon to reflect Jesus Christ!


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9 Responses to Are You a Moon?

  1. fwren says:

    This author seriously thinks the tribulation is already over???  Gotta disagree majorly with that ~ we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, I’m a-thinkin’ ~

  2. homefire says:

    He has a completely different slant on the whole thing, which I cannot begin to communicate.  As I said, it’s fascinating, but there are so many “coomon knowledge” type things that he simply sees completely differently that it’s confusing. 
    Like, for instance, he says that the Bible doesn’t support the idea of a seven year tribulation at the end of this era.  I think (don’t quote me, though) that he sees tribulation as an ongoing thing in different places at different times.  As a people group is awakened to the gospel and embraces it, they will be persecuted (like in China today) and then through the years as their zeal wanes, the persecution does too.  He would say that our persecution is recorded in Martyr’s Mirror and Foxe’s book of Martyrs, etc. and that the western church is barely even functioning any more, certainly not doing anything worth being persecuted for.
    I guess I did try to communicate it, didn’t I?    But I’m not even sure that’s accurate.  I’d highly recommend reading the book, though, just because it’s very different, and some of what he says made me really think–I certainly can’t say he’s all wrong!    He does point out some holes in a lot of commonly held beliefs.

  3. sparrow59 says:

    This is quite a concept, being merely a reflection of God and His love.  Thoughtful post, my friend!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like the idea of being a moon in which to reflect the Light but I too must agree with Fwren.  We haven’t seen anything yet!!

  5. well fwren already asked my question  Now I want to read that book! I know I disagree with the “ongoing tribulation” viewpoint but I like to be challenged to think outside the box. I want to do a post on the new comet. Well I don’t think it’s new but it’s the closest it’s been to Earth in a while. I have a couple of odd thoughts on it. Maybe I’ll get to it later today.
    hmmm loving to peruse other’s books and borrow them. Nope, not a problem I’ve ever had. Right???? <giggle giggle snort>

  6. samcgarber says:

    We are the moon!  Yay! : ) Are we mooning the world in these post/last days like we should be?

  7. ShineOn1983 says:

    Hmm, that’s something to consider. I think I could agree with the ongoing tribulation idea.

  8. ElizabethDNB says:

    Interesting!  And whatever I may agree or disagree with in the rest, I like the moon analogy.  It is a nice picture of what we should be and easy to hang on to.

  9. BooksForMe says:

    I love the moon analogy.  

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