Which Came First–Love or Forgiveness?

Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven–for she loved much.  But he who is forgiven little, loves little.   Luke 7:47

I wonder if the word order has any particular significance here.  These seem to be cause/effect statements, but the second one is reversed.  Which is the cause and which is the effect?



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6 Responses to Which Came First–Love or Forgiveness?

  1. cereneone says:

    Food for thought…I looked it up in “The Guideposts Handbook to the Bible” and it states:”At dinner with a Pharisee: This is a different incident form the one recorded in the other Gospels. Simon shows Jesus no special courtesy. But a common prostitute, to whom he has opened up the possibility of forgiveness, pours out her gratitude in lavish love, not caring what anyone thinks. Jesus reads Simon’s thoughts (39) and takes them up in his story. The woman’s love does not earn forgiveness (47), it follows it.”Hope it helps!

  2. joy4jesus424 says:

    i kinda look at this as one of those things where you can’t have one without the other and therefore, hard to tell which comes first. When a Christian does not love, it usually stems from a lack of awareness of one’s own sins and also not appreciating what Christ has done in the working of forgiveness.

  3. Now, that’s an interesting question. I suppose it’s a conundrum, but it is worth thinking of. We can’t have real love until we are part of Christ (or give real love), and to do that, one is forgiven. But, we have a hard time loving truly when we have unforgiveness toward anyone, I think.

  4. ElizabethDNB says:

    very interesting!  I think you need love in order to forgive, but you do not have to be loving before someone with love forgives you.  Did that make sense?

  5. I’m not sure what you mean by cause and effect. What I understand from it is….she truly felt the release of sins through Christ’s love, compassion and forgiveness because I am sure she felt very sick from her sins. The second part tells me and speaks to me that the more we realize our weaknesses and can truly be set free the more we in turn can be compassionate and loving towards others no matter what they have done to us.

  6. I guess what I’m trying to say in a whole different and probably more difficult way is I agree with joyforjesus!

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