I got an advertising e-mail this morning that said:

Get rid of that self-esteem once and for all!

I do wonder if perhaps they didn’t intend to insert the word “low” in there.    

Reading it as is, though, is thought-provoking.  Any comments?



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  1. sparrow59 says:

    I would hope they meant to insert “low” too, but you never know, do you?  HA!
    There are too many ways to get self-esteem stomped.  Maybe somebody will let them know they goofed?

  2. BooksForMe says:

    I love it! When I first read it, I thought you were going to say it was a new book to show the Believer they need to stop being so hung up on themselves. It got my interest! I then thought of Philippians 2:3…”Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.”Thanks for your comments on my site.

  3. ElizabethDNB says:

    I have thought about this subject a lot, because of course we all want our kids to have healthy self esteem without sinful pride.  I think that self esteem is great, but I think that people often try to get it from the wrong things or give it to others in the wrong ways and end up spoiling or not giving enough reality and boundries to kids and students.  I could ramble on about this for hours so I’ll shut it now.

  4. fwren says:

    Well, they could change “self-esteem” to “selfishness” and that would work fine ~

  5. cereneone says:

    Perhaps they want us weaker?

  6. homefire says:

    Good comments!  I think it’s an interesting point that the word “esteem” originally meant to place a value on, either high or low, as in “I would esteem this chair to be less durable than that one.”  In recent years, however, the word has evolved, as words do, and it is now more often used to mean “to place a high value on.”  The term self-esteem is a relatively new term, and I think the underlying point of it is that we need to place a high value on ourselves. 
    Since, as BooksForMe pointed out, the Bible tells us to place a higher value on others than ourselves, the whole concept of self-esteem is questionable in today’s language.  So maybe the ad’s misprint is a good thought for Christians! 
    However, if we return to the original sense of the word, to place some value on (of one kind or another) then we certainly wouldn’t want to get rid of self-esteem.  Because we are valuable to God!  Though no one particular person is more valuable than any other, each soul is worth more than the whole world.  He sent his son Jesus to die so that we could be esteemed (given value) in HIS eyes! 
    I think the key point of self-esteem for the Christian is to realize that, while we are not any better than any other human being, we are also no less valuable, and we are uniquely worthy ONLY because we belong to Him.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps there is a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning website which the sender wishes to eradicate now and for eternity?

    Sorry; a bit of low humour.:rolleyes:

  8. I think it’s very appropos(there’s my big word for the day 😆 ) The Bible says we are to esteem OTHERS above  ourselves. Too much psychobabble about how we need to feel good about ourselves in order to be a “healthy” person. Which usually leads to everything is about ME ME ME. Then it’s about my “rights”. What I want. What I need. What will make me happy. And it doesn’t really matter how anyone else feels as long as I feel good about myself right? I know that I am very precious to God. But I don’t think I’m any more precious than anyone else. I was born in this time and place for a reason. I have a purpose here. So does each and every person on this planet. That purpose and plan is GOD’S WILL. Not mine. It truly isn’t all about me :spinning:

  9. I have just been re-reading a book “The Parenting of Champions” (J.R.Lucas) who says, “…you see the focus on self, rather than on God.  Low self-esteem is focusing on self, which makes it a form of pride; high self-esteem focuses on self, which makes it a form of pride.  We can either focus on God, His values, and His people, or we can focus on ourselves.  Theres no way Biblically to do both.”       So, I think the sentence that you read is actually very Biblical; now I wonder where you read it and what they really meant to say.  Interesting subject today….

  10. Anonymous says:

    That’s awesome!!  I believe in Christ esteem… not self esteem!

  11. So well put Shorty!!!
    The Parenting of Champions is an awesome book! I highly recommend it.

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