I know this seems to be my pattern lately, but I’m going to just refer you to another blog…again.

This one made me cry.  I can’t even imagine the miraculous wonder of hearing for the very first time.  Can you?  Take a quick look at this!



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  1. cereneone says:

    What an amazing read! Thank you for sharing. She is a true walking miracle. What a testimony!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing the blog you found.  That was incredible.

  3. i am still in tears over it.  that has got to be so amazing for her!
    the part that really chocked me up was that she was heading for the beach.  the beach is my all-time favorite place to be when i wanna feel like God is literally RIGHT there.  i know He’s always there…but for me, that just makes it tangible.  if that makes sense.
    anyways, thank you for the encouraging words you left me.  it means alot.  thank you!

  4. I appreciate the sharing. I don’t move out of my own blog circles very often, so it’s nice to branch out! But, how are you doing these days?

  5. PolkaDotAlot says:

    That was amazing.  Shed a few tears of my own just reading it.  I would like to share this link on my page if you don’t mind!  Thx 4 sharing!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ll have to check that out later!

  7. cerwindoris says:

    No, I have not seen one come out of the chrysalis.  I been there just before, and when the wings were not yet unfurled, but I have not witnessed the event.  I have ten to go, so maybe I can catch one of them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is incredible!  Thanks for sharing.  Do I really look sad?  Hmmm…is that a bad light? 

  9. TLpaints says:

    It does kinda look like you can see the rainbow’s double in the top right corner… if you tilt your head and squint just right!

  10. msmarie0106 says:

    I followed you over here from your comment (about quilts!) on fwren’s site.  Couldn’t help but laugh since I love quilts too! 
    And yes, that was a powerful,wonderful story.

  11. cerwindoris says:

    All girls so far!  Our son wondered if a butterfly’s sex is determined by the temperature in which they grow – as some insects are like that.  Do you know?
    Guess what?  I just saw one of the M & M’s emerge.  I came upstairs from the office, glanced at the aquarium, and noticed it was just begining to emerge!  I think it is also a girl.  By the way, it’s the one I dropped a few times.  It is as beautiful as the others.  Pictures tonight.

  12. Anonymous says:


    ryc: Yes, they are from the DVD series Creatures that defy Evolution by Dr. Jobe Martin.  There are 3 DVD’s.  I put that info at the top of my posts but since the hummingbird one was a repost I did not put it there.  You can buy he DVD’s on http://www.drdino.com


  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your comment. :sunny:

  14. fwren says:

    I had seen this earlier ~ totally heart-warming and tear-jerking ~

  15. Yes, it made me cry too!  I’m so happy for her.  What a blessing to be able to hear and see and touch. .  . .there is a lot to be thankful for.

  16. What a beautiful story – so thankful that you shared this link!

  17. hey lady…i think it’s about time for an update!  you could write about the annoying person who keeps asking you building questions if you need writing material!  teasing!

  18. sorry the well is dry.
    i get that way often actually.
    and yes, a girls night is almost always wonderful therapy :).
    love ya!

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