BLTs for lunch again, and pizza for supper.  Life is good. 

But this evening I decided to pay a visit to my very own tomato plants.  The kids had carried out water, and reported that something was eating them, so armed with a sprayer full of Sevin, I went to do battle with tomato worms (one of the few caterpillars I do kill, even though they make a pretty neat moth, because anything that messes with my tomatoes, well…  I have no mercy!! :evilgrin1 ) 

Well, the kids were right.  Something was eating them, all right–but not just the leaves, oh, no!  The newly ripe tomatoes!!!  WAH!!!:blue:  Not just little spots, either–more like half a tomato!  (Granted, these are very small tomatoes, but still…)

So I arrived at the inescapable conclusion:  Deer like tomatoes, too. How dare they???   :tantrum:  The dirty, rotten sneaks! 

When we went to all the trouble to clear a place, plant the tomatoes, and carry water to them, it never even occurred to me that deer might be a problem.  :groaner:   I did manage to rescue three tiny tomatoes and a couple that only had tiny nibbles off them, but the rest are a total loss.  I give up.  I am not intended to grow tomatoes at this house.    I am inconsolable.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh no!!  Homefire doesn’t like Bambi!!  :eek::(  LOL!!  No, really, I’m sorry about your tomatoes!!  That’s awful because I know how you were looking forward to them.
    I had Pasados Mexican food tonight….  :love:

  2. sparrow59 says:

    Birds like tomatoes, too.   We have a real fun time with wild turkeys …
    Between the drought this year, the raccoons eating most of the corn, and the turkeys in the tomatoes, it’s been a real challenge.  Don’t give up, sweetie.  Spread some human hair around your garden.  It will at least keep the deer out!

  3. fwren says:

    Try growing them on your roof ~

  4. CHOBLIT says:

    You mean those cute, little things have a “bad side” to them?? So sorry!!

  5. CHOBLIT says:

    WOW, you’ve changed the picture in my mind from “cute little things” to “large beasts” and you really have to dodge them as you drive?….Yikes!!!

  6. mamaglop says:

    I am really sorry about your crop losses.  There is no substitute for the garden taste of vine ripened tomatoes.  Have you thought about tomatoes in a pot?

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