We finally went and picked blueberries, since it is a lovely day today.  I took all the kids, and we picked 30 pounds!  Amazing.  It was hard to quit–there are so many!

Since I have nothing important to say, I’m going to post some random pictures that I’ve taken recently.  This house, for instance, made me do a double-take.  I actually turned around and drove by again just to be sure I saw what I thought I saw.  house on stilts

 Hello, Housemover’s Anonymous?

And then there’s this pet peeve of mine.  On a road we drive fairly frequently, there are these signs. 

your here

Every time I go by, I wince.  Unfortunately, there is a series of signs, so I have to endure it for miles.  Your getting closer…Your almost there…    Eaughhhhh!!!  

Their enough to push me right over the edge.  I want to repaint it someday:

 Your KNOT hear.    Yeah.  That’ll confuse ’em.


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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  1. sparrow59 says:

    Laughed my butt off at your signs!!!  At least they used a possessive noun … it could have read “They’re it is” …

  2. fwren says:

    That house has to be near us, I think ~ it has actually been like that for over a year now ~ makes ya wonder, doesn’t it?  About the sign after you re-paint it ~ they probably won’t even notice!!

  3. Wow, I did a double take on that house too.  Beautiful house, it looks so strange plopped up on those things like that!  About your pet peeve, I know!!  Another that aggravates me is the misuse of “literally”.  Oh if I could just be blissfully unaware :fun:.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That house looks sorta familiar. Have been wandering weather your fairing well! 

  5. homefire says:

    Looking to the Son…  I am gonna GET you!!!!!  :nono:  LOL!
    Happymama, I’ve wondered if maybe I shouldn’t just coin a new word  for it:  illiterally!  As in, “That kind of thing makes me illiterally tear my hair out!”  šŸ˜†

  6. mamaglop says:

    That is great!  What are you going to do with the thirty pounds of blueberries?

  7. homefire says:

    Well, I put about 15 quarts in the freezer, I made three blueberry cream pies, and the rest we’re just eating as fast as we can.  They are so yummy fresh!

  8. aj1965 says:

    We just passed those signs last week on our business trip, I think!! How fun! Yes, I noticed that on our last trip & thought it was so funny that they repeated the mistake over…. and over….. and over, again!!
    We picked blueberries a couple weeks ago and have frozen two big bags full…… so yummy!! I like to eat them straight from the freezer in my yogurt with walnuts…. my sister told me it’s three of the healthiest food you can eat! (I’m sure she knows these things! :wink:)

  9. RegularGoy says:

    Well, there goes the neighborhood. (Rim shot.)
    My pet peeve? Apostrophes as plurals. As in: apostrophe’s as plural’s.
    RYC: I never dogear. But I am a prolific underliner and marginal note-maker. I always use pencil. I find that marginal notations help me retain what I read, and in my academic books it makes them easier to reference in the future.

  10. Good to have you come by again~   That house definitely requires a double take.  It’s a pretty house – but looks rather bizarre in how it is perched up there!  I wonder if it’s being moved in or out?
    Have you ever used fresh blueberries for homemade ice cream?  I spent a lot of time in MI on vacations as a kid, and there was always a local shop selling blueberry ice cream in August!  Yum! 

  11. homefire says:

    “Well, there goes the neighborhood. ” 
    Good one, Goy!  That’s a three-pointer.:laugh:

  12. Anonymous says:

    Poor spelling on signs gets me too.  However, when it comes to signs pointing to sights further on, the award has to go to South Dakota.  When we passed the eastern border of the state, we were immediately greeted with signs talking about the sights at the western border of the state!  Over 300 miles of signs like that!  After so many signs of “Beautiful Mount Rushmore Caverns,” we went there and were disappointed to find that they were merely ok.

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