I allowed myself to get this book from the library yesterday, and I’ve been drooling over its pages every spare minute.  Oh, what fun! 

My hubby left me today.  I am on my own this weekend.  He and the boys went with a friend to Osh Kosh to watch airplanes and such, leaving just us girls to hold down the fort. 

I decided yesterday that I would spend this afternoon and evening with my ten-year-old.  She is so extremely social and always wanting to do things with me, so since it was just the two of us today, I thought I’d fill up her tank.  We pieced a potholder, then we baked cut-out sugar cookes and took them to a friend with a new baby, then we made pop-up cards and looked at books and websites about scrapbooking.  All these things turned out really well, but I begin to think that she never will get enough of “mom-time.”  At bedtime, she was saying, “Well, maybe tomorrow we can scrapbook!”  Sigh.  She’s been bugging me to scrapbook for ages, but she has no pictures, so what in the world are we supposed to put on scrapbook pages?


My tomato plants made it through two weeks without me, but at first I wasn’t sure.  I had put them in a clearing behind the house, and when I went back to look at them after I got home, I couldn’t see the tomatoes.  During our absence, all the other plants in the clearing had obviously decided it was a good time to have a growth spurt.  Little trees that had brushed my knees a few weeks ago were now up to my shoulder!  And they actually dared to shade my beloved tomatoes!!!  Grrr.  I pulled what I could, but had to have the boys chop down a few with the weedeater, they were so big!  Not sure what kind of trees they are, but boy, do they shoot up fast!  How quickly the forest reclaims its own.  Now my tomatoes are nicely watered, weeded and staked, and hopefully I will even get some to eat this year.  :pray:

I also came home to new flowers.  The heliopsis are blooming, but they are once again covered with red aphids!  It’s weird–there are so many that they almost look like part of the plant.  Or maybe little red Christmas lights wound around the stems.  I soaked them with soapy water and sprayed them hard with the hose for the third time this summer, and this time I even misted some Sevin on them.  It kills some, but there are still plenty!  They just won’t die!  For some reason, those little critters just LOVE heliopsis.  They don’t seem to bother anything else, thank goodness, and don’t even hurt the heliopsis much, though I think the blooms aren’t quite as nice this year. 

I also have a balloon flower.    It didn’t bloom the last two years, for some reason.  (Either I yanked it out or perhaps it’s just responding to the increased watering due to the aphid invasion.)  And there are a couple other things that I’ve never noticed before that I can’t identify.  It’s interesting to inherit a perennial garden–you just never know what might come up! 

Well, rats!  I was going to post some pictures, but I can’t find my camera.  Do you suppose it went to Osh Kosh without me?  Hmmm.


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  1. fwren says:

    Good morning!  You were up really early!  😆  That happens for me too when dh is away.  🙂

  2. joy4jesus424 says:

    well, as someone loaned ME the book, it probably wouldn’t be too nice to pass it on…btw, no offense, but I won’t want to be borrowing your book. 😉
    Yeah- i think it was *really laughing my head off out loud* (or something like that)- it just struck me really funny!

  3. CHOBLIT says:

    My son, had plans to fly a small plane to Osh Kosh this year, but our Tahoe plans got in the way……actually I was rather relieved! In the recent past, he met up with a “Christian Ministry” that flies their planes to air shows as a type of witnessing. The planes have names such as “Amazing Grace”, etc. He has been trying to be one of the pilots the last two years. Maybe next year…I remember reading last year about a 19 year old pilot leaving Osh Kosh and had to land on a freeway due to complications and I just e-mailed Rudy about the 2 planes colliding on a landing yest @ Osh Kosh, killing one pilot!! See why I have apprehensions…..guess that’s “the mom” in me! Rudy would be thrilled just to be there like your men are! Sounds like you’re having lots of “girl fun”!

  4. fwren says:

    RYC ~ I noticed too that he looked a little beat up ~ wonder if he got in a cobweb or something?  Off to meetin’ ~

  5. TLpaints says:

    I would love to see some pictures of your flowers… even the aphids (because I don’t think I’ve ever seen one).  I absolutely must see a photo of the tomatoes when they decide to make an appearance!
    I actually laughed (truly) outloud at the comment about Roger’s Trough being a restaurant!  I’ve been chuckling eversince.  Thanks for brightening my day!

  6. mamaglop says:

    I know a lot of flower names but heliopsis is one I don’t know.  Not heliotrope? In the desert we might have a tumbleweed grow a foot or more, in two weeks, but not trees.

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