What a beautiful, eventful weekend!  We saw a lot of different views of life–a wedding, a death, a new life in Christ.

It was a lovely wedding and an exhausting day.  The vows were just beautiful–different than any I’d ever heard before, and much more meaningful.  We helped in the kitchen at the reception, and by the time it was over, I was ready for bed!  I guess I’m not used to spending hours on my feet and trying to make sure food lines flow smoothly.  I have a new appreciation for people who work in food service all the time.  Like where is that wedding party anyway, because their food is getting cold, and how in the world are we supposed to serve the rolls hot when only one of the ovens is working and has anyone checked the coffee lately and they need more chicken out there and aren’t there supposed to be two cake knives, so where is the other one? 

It was very fun, and very tiring. 

Sunday after church we went to minister at the Alzheimer’s unit of the local care center.  After our usual little time of singing and sharing, we were walking out.  A woman stopped us and asked if we would sing in her dad’s room.  She said he would probably only live a few more hours.  So our family crowded into a room that was already crowded with people who were all crying.  It was a very difficult scene–how do you sing when your throat keeps catching, feeling the pain of all those around you?  But we made it through a couple of songs, then my husband prayed.  All during this time, the sound of the dying man’s rasping, difficult breaths was heard throughout the room, along with the sobbing of his family.  Just as dh said amen, the man’s breathing was suddenly quiet.  Talk about a weird feeling–we thought he had died right then and there!  He did breathe again, after a few seconds, but he had quieted and no longer sounded so labored.  We left, and now I keep wondering if he has gone, or is still clinging to life.  And we didn’t even ask his last name.  Pray for all of Don’s family–we have no idea how many of them are saved, other than him and the one daughter.  Some were definitely having a very hard time accepting his death.  I just pray we were some comfort to them, and if any were unsaved, I pray that God touched their hearts through this time of sorrow..

And in the evening, we attended a baptism, always a joyous occasion.  So many new beginnings! 

And speaking of beginning, I need to be.  This week is countdown week.  Friday we leave for California, and I am NOT ready!  I am still wondering if I have enough clothes to get through this trip, and what important things I am forgetting. 

Which reminds me, my forgetter is still functioning in its inimitable glory.  (sigh)  A few minutes before we left for the wedding Saturday morning, I suddenly realized that I had not bought a wedding gift.    Has this ever happened to anyone else?  How completely humiliating.  But I comfort myself with the fact that if I ship their gift, it will be one less they have to haul across the country themselves, since the couple will be living in Florida, not here.  And won’t it be fun to get a surprise gift delivered after the honeymoon?     Right.  I mean it will be fun, but truly, I am very upset by the fact that I fussed all week over finishing my dress and preparing for houseguests, but never once thought of what I was giving to the couple themselves.  Oh, well.  I pray that someday I become more thoughtful of others.

Or maybe I’ll end up in the Alzheimer’s unit.   


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a weekend in which it would be easy to gain a new appreciation for life and its blessings.  Praying for the bereaved. 

  2. fwren says:

    Sounds like you are still in the whirlwind.  Thank you for your prayers ~ we are needing them so much right now.

  3. And a few days on the West Coast are always relaxing.  One of these days we will have to exchange more words than “hi, how are you.”  How long you all out for?

  4. CaliRosie says:

    LOL! it’s camp time already??? **screach** how in the word is it July now?? ;D Wow…and i had forgot that you were coming! What a fun camp this will be!! **skip, skip**

  5. I realized that I’d neglected to get even a card for the 50th anniversary party we were invited to. You leave Friday? How fun! May you get everything together and relax and have an amazing time. I leave Saturday for my 2 week “dream trip” to England!

  6. CHOBLIT says:

    Very interesting weekend………”happy flying” on Friday! I was wondering what day you fly, and now I know. See you in Cally!

  7. homefire says:

    Relaxing, ha!  😆  That’s a good one, heir!  You ought to see our schedule.  I am just praying that I get through this whirlwind of activity without collapsing into snores during Sunday morning service.  :sleepy:  I’ve slept 9 hours each of the past two nights–trying to stock up on sleep–think it will help?  😉

  8. What a lovely gift to give to the man’s family. Having watched my father die, the breathing you describe is only hours (or minutes) away. I’m sure you helped comfort the family and the gentleman.

  9. ElizabethDNB says:

    Wow!  What can I say!  What an amazing series of events.
    If you are coming to CA, be warned…It is icky sticky hot and full of miserable sun.  Bring shorts and lots of sunblock!

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