Inspired by Cindy at DominionFamily I have been thinking about food.  Food that you know is not good for you, but that you eat anyway when no one is looking.  For instance, right now I am eating a large bowl of Golden Crisp cereal, (actually a generic taste-alike) which I believe in my youth was called Super Sugar Crisp.  I always found it interesting that they changed the name.  Never mind that the first ingredient is in fact SUGAR, not wheat–actually calling it Sugar Crisp must have been just a bit too much for the American people. Originally it was called Super Sugar Crisp (emphasis on the sugar .)  Then as health consciousness rose, they made the print smaller for the second word, like this: 

SuperSugar Crisp

I think they even dropped the word “sugar” completely for awhile, but evidently “Super Crisp” didn’t have the right ring.   So it is now given the much healthier-sounding name of Golden Crisp, and its first ingredient (by weight) is still…sugar!  And I still like it.   (blushing with shame)  I can’t allow myself to eat it very often, but occasionally I succumb.

And then of course there’s Velveeta (or, once again, the Aldi generic equivalent.)  I remember a day when I scornfully called it “plastic cheese” and quite looked down my nose at anyone who used such stuff.  Then came a time when I discovered how quickly you can make mac and cheese with it, and how nice it melts for nachoes, and how truly yummy broccoli and cauliflower become when surrounded by melted Velveeta…I have even come to a point where I actually snitch a pinch straight from the box when I am making these things.  Now THAT is sad!  (I do honestly think that they have improved the stuff over the years, but perhaps I am just overly influenced by advertising.)

Soooo….  What delicious, guilty foods do YOU indulge in?  Hmmmmm?


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  1. genora4 says:

    this week, chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. that were baked for my husband’s lunches. :nono:

  2. fwren says:

    1.  Chocolate
    2.  Chocolate
    3.  Chocolate

  3. Anonymous says:

    Potato Chips!!

  4. dotmarie says:

    chocolate, ice cream, french fries

  5. Hi! Just reading through your posts…flavored coffe with Splenda and cream, homemade cookies of any kind (BIG weakness!) Thirlled to hear I’m not the only one with occasional food weaknesses. Blessings. keeperintexas

  6. CHOBLIT says:

    This is not a guilty food, but delicious every morning…….Grape Nut Flakes!! My dad ate these when I was @ home, I have been known to eat 3 bowls in one day, breakfast, lunch & dinner (boring, huh?). I do like Sugar Crisp, but around here the cereal gets stale before the box is empty . I do like coffee frappacino’s, but try to say “no” to myself due to calories & cost!

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