After my Bad Day post last week, I thought I really should update.

#1  My sewing machine has been healed!  I put away the dress I was making for the wedding and tried working on another one.  It worked fine!  I thought, aha, it was that fabric!  I was dreading finishing the wedding dress (which, by the way, is really quite pretty–just not the best color for me) but I started on it again yesterday and it is sewing fine!!  What changed?  The thread!  I had to buy new thread for the topstitching because what I had didn’t match well enough.   Who knows why the first one didn’t work–I have used that brand of thread many times–does thread get old and rotten???  Or was it just a bad spool?  Anyway, problem solved, God is good! 

#2  Our e-mail problem is fixed!  I spent another hour or so checking settings last night, then after an interruption (more on that later) I spent another 30 minutes or so with an online tech and finally got it fixed.  For some reason, the settings on our other e-mail accounts didn’t work on this one.  Who knows why?  One of those computer mysteries that may never be solved.  But anyway, the problem’s solved–God is GOOD!  My daughter is very happy.

I still need to go back to the eye dr and my back is still bothering me, though not as bad,  But hey, isn’t it neat how things shape up? 

Oh, yeah, the interruption.  As I was just beginning my session with the online tech, dh came running in and told me that we had to take dd 10 to ER.  She had fallen while roller blading and her arm hurt BAD.  So we went and spent two hours (and many $$, I’m sure) reading magazines at the local hospital.  After all that time, she was definitely feeling better, and sure enough, the x-rays came back fine.  It’s not broken, thank God! 

Isn’t God good


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3 Responses to

  1. fwren says:

    Yep ~ all the time ~ :heartbeat:

  2. mamaglop says:

    Much better to spend the dollars and find out that everything is fine.   We once went to the emergency room because our baby girl had fallen on her head onto concrete.  We also spent so much time in the waiting room that she calmed down.  I checked her eyes and they seemed to be reacting evenly, so we went home without seeing anyone.  I usually followed up a spill with a visit to the chiropractor.

  3. mamaglop says:

    Glad your sewing machine is working now.  I’ve had thread do that too.  Our store sells a German brand on a thin white plastic spool that some women swears sews better.

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