If you’re still reading, I assume that you want to hear me gripe.

My sewing machine won’t sew.  I don’t know why, but it skips stiches and occasionally shreds the thread.  I have changed the needle four times, rethreaded about 50 times, messed with the tension, cleaned it, polished the needle plate, and done everything else I can possibly think of.  And I have a dress that must be made before a wedding on June 30 which is still in pieces.  And I don’t even like the stupid dress!!!

I worked for at least an hour trying to set up a new e-mail for my daughter, and when you try to use it, it says the server rejected it.  And I don’t know why.  And as I went from one web page to another trying to find out what to do about it, the computer got slower and  s l o w e r  and   s  l  o  w  e  r   until I finally had to reboot. 

I got new contacts a couple weeks ago, because my old ones had warped.  Now my contacts look/feel great, but I can no longer read wearing my glasses in the morning.  The dr. has no explanation for this, but somehow my eyes have changed, and my glasses make everything fuzzy.  And I don’t know why.

My back is killing me.  I don’t know why.  There is this weird catch between my shoulder blades that sends a sharp shooting pain up into my head whenever I forget and move wrong.  I move wrong a lot.  And it makes me grouchy.

And I hate not knowing why!

I am reading a dumb book.  Yes, this could be helped, but I kept hoping it would get better.  It hasn’t.  I am planning to keep it for the full three weeks, though.  That way, fewer people will waste their time reading this book that the library wasted their money on.  Here’s a quote.

Scientific inquiry is much like this.  We use a theory and available factual information to make the best possible first guess.  Then we continue to use the theory along with accumulating information to refine our search until we find what we are looking for.

Reminds me of people who use the Bible to back up their own personal beliefs.  Beginning with a particular theory, they carefully search for bits and pieces that support that idea, while avoiding, downplaying, or flat ignoring anything that goes against it.  Wouldn’t it be much better to truly seek?  By seeking, I mean trying to begin with as few presuppositions as is humanly possible, then accumulating as many facts as you can before taking a position.

Since science is the study of the physical and natural world and phenomena, especially by using systematic observation and experiment, it seems odd to me that he endorses beginning with a theory.  Theories, by definition, are unproven.  Why not start with facts? 

Anyway, the book is a real disappointment.  As seems to be the norm with evolutionists, he spends most of his time (at least so far) talking about natural selection.  Interesting though that is, it has very little to do with the origin of things.  I expected to hear at least a little about that.

A quote I liked:

First, we must abandon the notion that some special quality was breathed into us by a higher power.  This does not require abandoning religious faith–many people manage to combine a vibrant religious faith with a fully naturalistic conception of the world–but it does require abandoning certain kinds of religious faith.

Right.  In fact, you can’t abandon religious faith if you believe that all things spontaneously evolved from primordial goo.  In the absence of observable, experimental, factual evidence, that belief becomes a religious faith of its own!

One thing that I have found highly amusing about this book is that he repeatedly refers to the natural world as “the length and breadth of creation.”  Well, there ya go! 

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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sending a hug  🙂 your way for your no good, very bad day!  Hope you have a brighter tomorrow! :sunny:

  2. fwren says:

    Hilarious post to read, but not so funny to experience, I’m thinkin’ ~ I’m sending you a message.  Surely, tomorrow will be better?  That neck thing sounds a mite serious, speaking from experience here.  Have you been to a doctor about it yet?

  3. I think that your things are evolving. Your eyes are turning into radar. Your sewing machine is becoming a serger. See, it all fits in with that evolutionary theory you are reading. May you have a back rub, a soak in the tub, and a miraculous appliance healing. BTW, my machine would do that sometimes, too. Then, the next time I’d use it, it would be fine. Eventually some timing thing on it broke and could not be replaced. It was a rather old machine, though.

  4. homefire says:

    😆  TP, you are a gem!  Thank you for the blessing~

  5. I got the math writing job because I have a PhD mathematician husband who sometimes gets jobs like that. I got my foot in the door through him. Now my superior math skills (cough, cough) have proven themselves worthy on their own. Actually, I’m just fairly good at meeting deadlines. So far, at least, praise God!

  6. genora4 says:

    loved this post…although i’m sorry that you had such a frustrating day, your honesty was refreshing.

  7. hope today is better…
    just a thought about your back…I’ve had a similar problem to what you’ve described for years…i finally went to the doctor to find out what exactly was going on…had an MRI done to find out…and they found a bulging disc causing the problem…but nothing a little physical therapy and good posture couldn’t help.  I don’t have to have surgery (PTL!), but I do have to maintain a stretching/exercise program that helps to prevent any spasms or sudden shooting pains.   Try sitting with good posture for a week and see if that helps…you may be sore for a while if you don’t practice this already, but it’ll get better.   :goodjob:

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