We’re hooome!!!  It is SO good to have a home to come to.  Thank you, Lord~    Flowers have bloomed and faded, our black swallowtail emerged from his chrysalis, weeds have grown, but home is just the same.  It is good. 

It was fun, it was exhausting, it was great.  We resumed old friendships, enjoyed good conversation, helped to celebrate happy occasions, helped to mourn sad ones, and just generally lived.  While we were gone, there were two deaths, a birth, two weddings, and many other life changes among our loved ones.  Seems like we experienced more living in this past week than in most, but in all, it was a blessed time.  Thankfully, the deaths were no one very close to us (though they were close to people we love) and the birth was a brand-new great nephew. 

We were SO ready to come home that we almost left last night, but I’m so glad we stayed.  We heard a wonderful inspiring message this morning at church, and it was such a  great way to begin our trip home.  Plus it is much better to arrive home in midafternoon than in the wee hours of the morning.  I am all unpacked, did my workout (which I missed most of the days we were gone) and feel like I may even be ready to begin the day tomorrow.

Come unto me, all you who labor…and I will give you rest.  What do I rest in?  Do I repose in, trust in…Jesus?  Men have many things they trust in:  their own knowledge, other men’s opinions, their abilities or others’ abilities, their riches and possessions, and their traditions.  None of those are able to give us rest.  Only if we put our trust  in Jesus can we truly REST. 

In order to rest in Jesus, we must know and experience Him.  In John 9, the blind man who was healed was kicked out of the synagogue, but he didn’t care because he had experienced Jesus.  He knew what was real!  We must also walk by faith, not by sight.  Keep your eyes on Jesus, not your circumstances.  As long as Peter kept his eyes fixed on Jesus, he was able to walk on water, but when he looked at his surroundings, he sank. 

And when we rest in Jesus, we receive love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, self-control, and mmm  whatever all the rest of the fruits of the Spirit are, which escape me at the moment.  Anyway, the sermon this morning was a message that I needed and I am so thankful!



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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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  1. Isn’t it fun that the message was “Rest” since vacations are supposed to be a time of rest, but they really are so much work? I wonder if there is an analogy about rest and work in the Christian life… I’m sure there is somewhere.I’m glad you are safely home again to warm those fires!

  2. fwren says:

    Glad you made it safely! 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad you had a good time visiting with your loved ones and that you arrived home safely!  :heartbeat:

  4. Anonymous says:

    So thankful for the encouragement you received, like water to the thirsty.  Of all days to not be there.  😦 Glad you made it home safe and sound.  Home always looks good, doesn’t it?!  :heartbeat:

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