Warning:  Minor rant forthcoming

Insurance.  Who thought up such a preposterous idea?  Why is it so much better to pay in dribs and drabs for whatever calamities might chance to befall us, rather than to pay if and when we are afflicted?  Ah, well, it’s firmly entrenched in our lifestyle and probably won’t be changed.  But I really hate working with insurance companies.  Does anyone really, honestly have wonderful things to report about the handling of an insurance claim?  I always wonder about those glowing testimonials…

As you may have suspected, I am in the throes of a tussle over an insurance claim.  The “incident” occurred nearly six months ago, we filed the claim and heard nothing for months.  Today I received a letter.  “We still do not have these documents.  It is is necessary that we receive them immediately.  We must process this claim within 180 days after the incident…”  Blah, blah, blah.  But wait!  180 days would be, um, yeah ONE WEEK from today.  Well, that got my attention.  The document they wanted was the credit card statement that showed the charge.  We had sent it, but when I called, I found out it was the wrong one.  Doesn’t it seem that they could have let us know that we’d sent the wrong thing?

To top that off, it’s the credit card company who is handling the claim.  WHY do they need ME to send them the statement which they originally sent to me???  One would assume that they still have a record of that themselves somewhere.  Okay, sure, in different departments, but surely it wouldn’t be so hard to find it. 

I obediently faxed the document in question, hopefully the right one this time.  Since the deadline was only one week away, I decided to call and confirm that the fax had been received.  After another several minutes on hold, I was told that they wouldn’t be able to confirm the fax for 48 hours.  Now I ask you, is this the pinnacle of modern technological efficiency?  They send me a snail-mail letter (which could have been lost, as one piece we received today was postmarked April 27) which left me one week to act.  I sent the fax Friday morning, but they can’t possibly find out whether they even have it until Monday?  One would think that surely there was a more competent way to handle this. 

Oh, yes, that’s right.  This is insurance.  They don’t want to be more efficient.  They don’t want to process our claim!  They want instead to make it as difficult as possible for me, and hopefully drag it out beyond the deadline so that they don’t have to pay.  Grr.

Oh, and the helpful (though nearly unintelligible) person who I talked with last informed me that there is a website where you can check on the status of your claim.  Well, hunky-dorey!  Makes one wonder why they didn’t bestow this information on us earlier.  We have been wondering whether or not it had been paid. 

Okay, rant over.

That little list worked so well yesterday, I think I’ll post another one for today.

Eat breakfast
Quiet time
Pack lunches
Go to library
Take care of insurance claim
Wash hair
Plan food for weekend company
Make muffins
Marinate steaks for supper
Fold laundry
Finish dress?
Enter credit card receipts? 

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  1. momtoH_VandJ says:

    I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  2. joy4jesus424 says:

    Actually, after our fire in Tipp, the insurance covered EVERYTHING extremely well…very few hassles. And yeah…Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. fwren says:

    I have learned the hard way that if insurance does not pay, they are trying to see if you will settle for that.  Make an appeal ~ they reconsider.  Nine times out of ten, they will pay then.  It has happened that way for us several times.  They don’t want to pay and will just try not paying and see if that works ~ a lot of people will just say, “Oh well,” and go on.  But if you appeal, sometimes they don’t even ask any questions, they just “reconsider” and pay up.  Go figure.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We also have experienced problems with insurance companies.  Last year, we discovered we owed a large amount of back taxes on the house we were trying to sell, and the company that insured our settlement kept giving us the run-around.  They did eventually pay up after we talked to our state treasurer and he told us to threaten them with small claims court.  However, we are still waiting on a tax refund on a house we sold four years ago.  The company in charge of that claims they have a legal 5-year waiting period before they have to pay!  Of course, they’re hoping we’ll forget about it.  Thankfully, my husband is not the type to let money go!
    Hope your insurance problems get straightened out soon!

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