• I thought I was done after 3 loads of laundry…until another huge basket of dirty stuff appeared down the stairs.  sigh.

  • I paid all the bills that had to be paid today, then quit because I had a roaring headache.  The receipts that need to be entered will have to wait.

  • The dress is finished except for hem and buttons.  soooo close…

  • AND I pulled a whole bunch of weeds!!!  That is a terrific accomplishment for me. 

So now, with dirt imbedded in my fingernails and a tummy full of pizza and fresh-from-the-field asparagus, and still with a headache and three more loads of laundry waiting, I am heading for bed. 

Blessings, all~


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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  1. Thanks! I’ve been surfing some sites, which I’ve never done before, and have been peeking in on folks with common interests and life situations…..isn’t it nice to know we’re not the only ones doing what we are doing?

  2. fwren says:

    Asparagus is my favorite vegetable ~ I wish I had some right now to fix for our supper ~ yum!

  3. TLpaints says:

    RYC:  That nutgrass is a nightmare!  Yes, unfortunately you have to dig down from 4 to 6 inches in order to locate the nut and without getting the nut, it will continue to proliferate.  The grassy part just breaks off so easily bringing with it a shallow root system but to find the nut you must be careful not to break the thin “lifeline” that leads to the nut.  I find it easier to use a small hand cultivator ( you know, the thing with the claws) and break up the soil all around the grass then delve your fingers into the soil until you locate the thin root (lifeline) and follow it gently to the nasty little nut.  Good luck, I hope it’s something else and not nutgrass!
    I found this excerpt from a site called, http://www.path-light.com/Gardenroot.htm  and it described the removal to a tee:  “The plant seems to be indestructible. I learned long ago that it doesn’t do any good to pull it. In fact, it seems to enjoy the challenge of a good pull! If you leave any part of the little nut in the ground the nut grass just comes back thicker and healthier. If you are lucky enough to get the nut, then any little roots that remain will just shoot over a couple of inches and make new plants all around where the old one use to be. Heaven help the homeowner who allows the nut grass to grow and form new seeds!”

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