Time with Abba  I’ve been reading in Hosea, and just love the first part where it talks about his son Jezreel, whose name means “to sow,” meaning that Israel will be sown among the nations.  So many times, people have referred to it simply as “scatter,” but isn’t it exciting to know that the scattering of Israel was for the purpose of growth?  I believe it wasn’t just a random discard, but a very deliberate planting of God’s people, to spread His name among the heathen.  And even more exciting, in verses 10 and 11, where it foretells the regathering of Israel in the land.  And the time is coming!

Food  Today was a big food day.  I made three new recipes out of the low-fat cookbook a nice lady gave me yesterday after my very first cholesterol check.  (Yep–bad news. )  She would be disappointed to know that I didn’t actually make them with low-fat ingredients, but hey, I just did my monthly shopping a few days ago, and I’m not going to throw all my regular cream cheese and margarine and sour cream out!

I made South of the Border Roll-Ups and Chocolate No-Bakes, both of which taste-tested very favorably , and Crock Pot Fajitas are all ready to plug in tomorrow morning.  Sunday potlucks are such a wonderful time to test new recipes.  I love using our church family  as guinea pigs.      

Clothes  I did manage to run a couple loads of laundry through today, though as I started to write this sentence, I realized that the third was still languishing in the washer.  It is now tumbling merrily away in the dryer.  Now if only I can actually get things hung up when they’re dry, I’ll consider this a triumphant laundry day!  **edit, a bit later…  There!  Now everything that hangs is hung, and as for that other stuff–I’m not so sure that folding is a wise use of my time.  Shoot, it’ll just get unfolded again anyway…

Home Well, um, it’s still here.  Still dirty.  Let’s just hope no guests stop by tomorrow, for I shall be embarrassed if they do.

Physical Appearance Oh, yeah, this is the part I’ve been waiting for.  (drumroll, please!)  Guess what we did this evening?  Dh and I and the two youngest children took a bike ride. The cholesterol consultant would be so proud of me!  Dh says it was about 2-3 miles long, though I’m guessing closer to ten.    Anyway, it was WAY enough for this ol’ lady who hasn’t ridden in years.  My legs felt like jelly, a sensation I have heard of, but never really experienced before.  I nearly fell down when I got off the bike.   Of course, there were a couple of hills that I simply had to walk the bike up, but hey, that’s exercise, too!

Children  The two oldest have been gone all day.  This morning they were doing yard work at a local children’s home with some other young people, then they planned to go ice skating and play volleyball.

The younger ones made an obstacle course today that was really good.  It had cones to swerve around, things to pick up and throw at a target, a jump and a washboard to go over while riding the trike.  (yes, this is a big tricycle that my 10 and 12 yr olds can still ride.  In fact, even adults have been spotted on this trike.  Not me, though!) 

Things I have learned today

You can pile the laundry in one laundry basket over three feet high if you put it in a corner.

Do not try to make multiple recipes concurrently with the two bowls sitting side by side.  Today, I gasped as I saw the teaspoon of paprika which was supposed to go in the fajita seasoning land instead in the cream cheese roll-ups.  I managed to scoop most of it out, and I actually thought they tasted better with it, but just think if that had been the cookies! 

Never assume that the kitchen has been thoroughly cleaned by children left in charge.  A puddle of cheeseburger soup slopped onto a hot stove, then allowed to cool and harden overnight is not easily removed.

Never assume, when your 15 year old son does a load of laundry because he needs clean jeans, that he will actually take anything out of the dryer besides his jeans.  The other things may very possibly be there 2 days later.

Dh wishes that someone would invent something faster than a microwave.  It just takes so LONG!  Three whole minutes.

My, aren’t I loquacious this evening?  And now it’s bedtime.  Blessings, all~


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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  1. mamamerth says:

    You have had a busy day!! Congrats on the bike ride– my hubby, kiddo, puppy and I went for a walk today. My legs and feet ached when we finally got home. I am finally sitting with my feet up but they still ache. I might need an arthritis med tonight– the spirt is young but the body is old.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re able to do shop for a month’s worth of food?  I can’t even imagine!  :goodjob:
    My 17-year-old daughter also simply takes the pants she needs out of the dryer and leaves the rest.  Oh well.  She’ll learn when she’s out on her own.  🙄
    I can relate to the home still being there!  😆

  3. mamamerth says:

    Yes, we observe the Jewish Sabbath– we are not jews though. We don’t work, relax, go to church and spend family time on Saturday. My hubby and I are over that argument. I just let the issue drop. 🙄

  4. I walk my bike up the big hills, too. I’m a wimp, I know. Three cheers for the smell of Bounce fabric softener on towels (which is what’s in my dryer now.)

  5. fwren says:

    This cracks me up ~ give me another month or so and I’m gonna be loquacious on here too, maybe ~ :p

  6. ShineOn1983 says:

    😆 That’s an awesome update! It’s so fun to read that other people have trouble staying caught up too:)
    Keep up the exercise. It pays off. I try to walk at least 4 days a week, and I feel so much better when I do.
    Cookies with paprika? Now that’s a novel idea!

  7. fwren says:

    RYC ~ sounds like you have some community service projects on your roadsides!    Hey, your banner pics are back ~ Yeehaw!

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