Do you ever just want to quit?

I am fat and ugly, old and achy, grumpy and weary,
not to mention ineffective, inefficient, incompetent, and insensitive.

Does anyone else ever have days like this, or is it just me?

My back hurts like the dickens for no apparent reason,
and I’m just not seeing the point in doing anything.

There! I’ve given you all something to pray for: 
that God can use this sniveling heap of humanity for just one worthwhile thing today.
Just one.

Surely tomorrow I’ll be a better person…


About dayuntoday

I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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  1. sparrow59 says:

    Well, sweetie, your one worthwhile thing has been accomplished today.  Cuz you’ve helped me realize I’M NOT ALONE!!!!!  HA!
    Getting older isn’t for cowards, is it?  I’ve heard it beats the alternative, though, so we’ll continue to pray for strength for each other, okay?  And if all we accomplish in a day is getting out of bed and updating our xanga blog, we’ll be okay.  We will.  (hug)

  2. I’m sure that somewhere on this shelf I have a canned answer for this kind of thing………… where did it go……………I know it was just here the other day………………………………………
    Oh well, I guess I can’t find that ‘right’ answer, so my advice……………JUST ‘BE’ FOR JESUS!! Quit trying to impress yourself and be who you are!! *wink* (you’re allowed to remind me of this next time I have a funk day!)

  3. Go outside, stand in the sunshine, close your eyes, and let the Lord of your dreams dance with you just a bit. Let Him whisper sweet nothings in your ear & hold you close. (And if there isn’t sun where you are, then go dance in the rain…) May His Love surround you! Love you sis…..

  4. fwren says:

    “ineffective, inefficient, incompetent, and insensitive” ~ I would not think you to be any of these things ~ compared to what and whom, homefire?   Go out into your woods and take pictures, all by yourself, and don’t come back until you absolutely feel like it.  Just be alone with your Lord awhile ~ after a long walk, climbing over brush and stuff, you will be tired enough to sleep soundly ~ take some Advil for the aches and eat chocolate.  Go to McDonald’s for supper.  Tomorrow, the SON is gonna shine ~ I just know it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    RYC: Do you ever just want to quit?      Yes, :yes:plenty of times, but even when you think you’ve really screwed up, or when you’re about as low as you can get, or when you feel like you’re sinking, along will come SONshine!  The Lord picks us up out of our “miry clay” and sets our feet on solid ground once again.   Keep Looking to Jesus!  He is our HOPE!  Aren’t we thankful that He loves us, even when we’re not very loveable! :heartbeat:  By the way………..I’m feelin kinda the same way you’ve described today, and a good long walk tonight, and a few hours on the mower in the sunshine with some thinkin time, did help  

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh yes, I’ve been there.  fwren’s suggestion of eating chocolate is an excellent idea — works for me!  Hope you feel better tomorrow!  :heartbeat:
    Thanks for subscribing!  I’m like you — I have a lot of diverse interests.  I’ve seen a lot of xanga sites that are devoted to one theme.  I can’t do that!
    RYC:  There are probably a lot of reasons why people don’t comment on the creation/evolution debates.  I suspect most of them have to do with little interest/knowledge in science.  While it’s tempting to write posts that will generate a lot of comments (posts that are uplifting, full of artsy pictures, telling of family activities, etc.), I figured that I’ll simply write what I believe regardless.  That way, even if no one comments, they will have still read the post, and have those ideas in their minds to counteract all the magazine covers they’ll see at the supermarket.

  7. Oooh! Me! Me! Pick me! Yes, yes, yes! I had a week like that just a bit ago. Actually, many days I feel fat and ugly and old. I try to avoid mirrors and cameras. Now, go into the bathroom, look at yourself, and say, “Even if I were burned with acid, I’d still be beautiful to the Lord. I’m not burned with acid. I’m beautiful!”It’s funny. I don’t really think of my friends in terms of good looking, etc. They are just who they are. I assume they think the same of me. Perhaps others think of you that way, too?God bless you!

  8. mamaglop says:

    Sorry you are feeling bad.  Treat yourself like your best friend, put on a comfy robe, get a hot pad and a cup of cocoa and watch a good movie.  May I recommend Enchanted April.  I’ve had those days too, I think even Brittney Spears had one of those days when she shaved her head..

  9. Hope you didn’t shave your head. Or abandon your children. Or divorce your husband. Or wear those micro-micro mini skirts. Or…I forgot to thank you for subscribing!

  10. joy4jesus424 says:

    Go on a date with your husband…

  11. lglavy says:

    sigh.  We’ve been living this for a couple of weeks now.  Hubby and I went away for a night and spent a lot of time just resting and connecting and remembering what our vision is.  for our family and our lives in general..  reallly refreshing.  I have a tendency to get caught up in everyone else’s hurts.  hubby says it is a ‘gift’ called compassion, but I think it’s more a ‘curse’.  Right now, my Jesus is holding me securely in HIS arms.  I don’t have to worry about people who are so heading the wrong way….I don’t have to feel the pain of those who have been battered and bruised…I don’t have to get mad and hurt when I’m mistreated and misunderstood and taken advantage of….all I have to do is love my Jesus and trust Him to heal everyone else’s hurts.  It is so liberating to know and accept this truth:   I AM FREE, INDEED!  All I have to do is rest and obey the work the Lord has for ME.  I will let Him take it from there!  Inefficient and ineffective?  Not when Jesus is involved.  :sunny:

  12. Hey, I’ve been there!  It stinks.  Unfortunately I have no sure-fire advise. Be kind to yourself. Things will start looking up…  ~M.E.

  13. ShineOn1983 says:

    I absolutely know the feeling. I was just thinking today, sometimes I just want to scream, ” Stop! Stop the train. I want off!” Pray, and I will pray for you too.

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