Pray for us, please!

I’d appreciate prayer from anyone who is crazy enough to still be up at this hour.  I am a bit afraid to go to bed.  I was in my bathroom, and dd came to the door and said, “Is it normal for sparks to fly out of the chimney?”  Well, I’m generally clueless about such things, but no, that does NOT seem normal.  I went and looked, and sure enough, sparks were spitting out occasionally and wafting down to the ground, where they sat and glowed menacingly at me.  Okay, I was getting worried now.  We called poor dh down in Mississippi, and he asked a lot of questions and finally decided we had probably had a little chimney fire. 

EAGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  I feel very vulnerable without him here to take care of us!!!

A few minutes earlier, dd had thought she heard thunder and saw lightning (very looong thunder) but now we think it was the chimney.  Since my bedroom is on the opposite end of the house and I can’t possibly see anything from there, I am a bit leery of comfortably ensconcing myself in bed.  Even though the sparks have quit now, and the fire is shut down as much as possible, I don’t feel so good about it. 

I am SO glad dh will be home Saturday!


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9 Responses to Pray for us, please!

  1. Strangely enough, I am awake and was just about to shut off the computer, but I checked Xanga first. I will pray that all is well and that you will sleep peacefully and securely, knowing that your Father in heaven is always watching out for you, whether your husband is home or not. Rest securely in the palm of His hand! He will keep you in perfect peace.Dear Lord, please put out every bit of that fire. Help there to be no sparks, no fire, nothing at all to cause a problem, worry or alarm. Keep them all safe tonight as they are worried at home and away and not sure what to do. I just pray that you would calm their anxious hearts. Give them both wisdom and peace. Be the strong tower and place of refuge for them! AmenNow, I’ll go to bed and pray while I try to fall asleep. ~Mary

  2. fwren says:

    Are you folks still okay this morning ~ I know how scary that can be ~ have had a few panicky moments like that in past years when we used a woodstove.  Let me know!

  3. homefire says:

    We are fine.  thank you so much for praying!  It was a rather restless night, however!

  4. homefire says:

    And God even sent the rain I prayed for, even though none was predicted–I checked last night.  Isn’t it nice that He’s not bound to weather forecasts?  :sunny:

  5. aj1965 says:

    Yea, God!  I’m so glad you’re alright!  I know how scary that can be when your Man isn’t around! 

  6. oh, i’m so glad you guys caught that in time!  take a nap today!
    ryc: you cracked me up!  you’re right..the pains haven’t set in yet..praise the Lord for that!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Poor dear, you’ve had quite an eventful week.  I’m so thankful that all ended well, in the wee hours of the morning. :sleepy:  The Lord was watching over you! :heartbeat: Aren’t you glad for cell phones to keep in contact with your family?!  :fun:

  8. mamamerth says:

    That would be scary! Glad you are okay and your house is safe. :eek:Thanks for your ((hug)) the other day. We made some drastic changes after our horrible day. We got rid of the tv. We now just have videos. My son asked once this morning if he could watch and I reminded him that we got rid of the cable box (took it down to the cable company, so we can’t rehook it up). He calmly walked to his room and played legos for several hours by himself. We are going to have game night/movie night, reading night and so on). Luckily, I can watch my shows on the computer when I am taking a “mommy time-out” on Friday afternoons. Yeah!! :goodjob:

  9. mamaglop says:

    Well, that was not cool, but you seem to have handled everything well.  Was there anything that needed to be done about it?  Will your chimney need sweeping now or did the fire clean it?

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