Well, I did find an acceptable outlet for my frustration.  I went out and worked on my ancient grapevine. 

Last year I discovered that a huge brushpile out back had grapes growing from it, so we picked them and made grape juice.  It was a huge jumble of vines that obviously hadn’t been cared for in many years.  There was an arbor made of fence wire underneath it all, but you could hardly see it.  I decided this year to prune the vine and see if we could get it into some semblance of order.  I did some research the other day to find out how to prune a grapevine, but all that pretty much went out the window when I actually started on it.

Looking at it now that it doesn’t have leaves, I could see that there was a small pine tree that had been dropped right on top of the arbor–no wonder there were so many dead branches!  Of course, the vine had grown all around the tree, so it was a real challenge to get it out of there.  I sawed off branches and pulled and yanked and pulled some more.  Finally had to saw the trunk in two in order to get it out of there.  Since I am not about to try using a chainsaw, I had to just hack through it with a pruning saw.  I expect to have some sore muscles tomorrow.

It looks so much better now, though!  After getting the pine tree and all its branches out of there, I could actually see the vine, but it is so old and overgrown I really have no idea how to prune it.  I ended up just taking off anything that broke when I pulled on it, and everything that had some life still in it, I left.  I also sawed off a few pine branches that were shading the arbor, so the grapes can get more sunshine.

The arbor itself really needs to be repaired.  The tree pushed it down so that it’s only about a foot off the ground in some places.  I may try to tackle that and some more pruning tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.

They keep forecasting rain and then pushing it back.  I love it.  This is just about the most perfect weather possible!


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  1. i know you didn’t mean for us to take it this way, but i’m picturing the Lord pruning on me what with all that “I sawed off branches and pulled and yanked and pulled some more.”
    you painted a perfect picture for me.  thanks : )  now i know why sometimes it hurts so dang much! 😦
    ryc: thank you!

  2. fwren says:

    Great analogy, idonotfear…!  Anyway, homefire, I just love grape juice with popcorn by a fire in the winter ~ mmmmm.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bet you’ll sleep good tonight from all that yanking, and chopping, and pulling!  Good therapy, huh?! πŸ˜†  Won’t your hubby be surprised when he comes home?:eek:

  4. homefire says:

    Will he ever!  I never do things like this!

  5. mamaglop says:

    Grapes are amazingly tough.  We keep the same old tough vine as a stem off the root and take out the suckers that sprout there, at the top of the wire, we trail that vine along the wire, and  then cut the side brances off of it  to stubs about 6-18 inches long.  I’m not saying that this is THE way to do it,  we have books that tell what to do and it is an approximation of what we remember. 

  6. aj1965 says:

    Oh, I love spring!! We have 2 little grape vines out back and have been wondering what to do with them.  One is just taking off & the other is going a bit slower, but, steadily growing.  We’ll be looking into how to care for them this year as it’s their 3rd summer here, now, so we figure they’re established enough to handle some pruning & training.  I love getting things like that accomplished!

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