Boy, am I on a roll!  I’m having an all-out sewing spree.  Evidently the books we gave ds for his birthday were really good, because all the kids are in their bedrooms reading.  The house is SO quiet.  So I get to sew uninterrupted. 

I had this pile of mending that looked impossibly huge, and I have been slowly but surely working my way through it today.  It’s amazing how many 5 minute jobs I put off for months.  Ridiculous!  I also finished a dress for a friend who’s pregnant AND I am working on altering a suit.  We’ll see how that goes–it’s ready for a fitting, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Someone gave it to dh, and fits great except that it’s too tight in the chest.  It’s been hanging in the closet for a couple years, and I’ve been too intimidated to touch it.  I have never done anything like this before, but he keeps assuring me that I can, so I finally dived in.  Hopefully it will work.  The vest will be okay, I think, but I don’t know about the coat.  I got inside the lining and let out the back seam, but I’m not sure it will help enough.  If not,we may have to forget it.  But hey, it was worth a try!

It’s been sort of interesting–this suit was tailored in Hong Kong, and it is incredible how much of the work is done by hand.  Exquisite work, but it does make me curious about whether it’s made by some of these exploited workers you hear so much about.

Oh, yes, and I got the Jabez blanket done the other night!  Here it is.IMG_0333

Colorful, yes?  It definitely has some mistakes, but hopefully the needy child who gets it won’t be too particular.  It was a lot of fun to do.  Maybe someday I’ll even make another project like it.  It is certainly a plus that you do one square at a time–easy to take along.

The denim quilt is still in progress.  I kind of got stalled out on this stage.  It’s going to have exposed frayed edges, and each seam has to be snipped so that it will fray nicely, which takes forever and is hard on your hands!  I’m almost half done snipping, though.

Oh, groan!  I just got a report that ds is using his new snorkel and goggles (birthday gift) in the bathtub. :bubblebath: Says he has discovered human life in there.  He is such a goofball.  :confused2:  Must be time for spring.

:oops:  I guess they weren’t all reading, after all.  Ds 15 just walked in, totally grumpy because I had forgotten to pick him up from driver’s ed.  Oh, well, the walk was certainly good for him, though I do feel bad that I forgot.



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  1. lmarlenes says:

    WoW! :)I think you are right! I think we have a very similar temperment;)Analytical.. YES! …LoVe to observe people as well (I read your profile).I love it at the airport because you can jus’ observe/watch people arriving from ALL over the world! Thanx 4 droping by my site!

  2. fwren says:

    What books did you get him?  The blanket is really cheery!  :sunny:

  3. joy4jesus424 says:

    I love the blanket and i am lol at the rest!!:lol:

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are one ambitious lady!  To find the bottom of the mending pile will be reason to celebrate!  Good luck with the suit!    glad someone likes to sew!  I’d rather play in the dirt!  (but ya can’t wear that! :giggle:)      ha ha  – human life in the tub :lookaround:

  5. ShineOn1983 says:

    Great job!
    I need to email you. I have some things to tell you and ask:)
    I’m so glad J. is ok! I totally missed that post!
    Your family is a riot! I love the little comments about them. Do they love them too?

  6. Oh, lovely, lovely job on the quilt! I love black and brights together (Amish quilt fan). And, to sit and sew while the children are happily reading is a dream come true! Actually, doing anything while every child is happily reading would be a dream for me. (Not all mine are reading keen.)Hope you get inspired again on your jeans quilt so we can all see a picture of it as well!Do you hand piece or machine piece? How about the actual quilting? Or do you tie?

  7. JAM4the1Lamb says:

    I am SOOOO bad at leaving nearly-finished projects sit unfinished for entirely too long.  The blanket looks like it turned out wonderfully.  Someone will be kept warm and happy by it!

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