My beloved and I had a little getaway last night.  Our room got upgraded to a private villa with a jacuzzi and a fireplace.    Definitely nice. 

Late last night we watched the movie Papillon on TV.  I had heard of it, but never seen it, and it really intrigued me.  What is it that makes me love prison escapes?  I’ve seen Escape From Alcatraz, Midnight Express, Shawshank Redemption, and probably some others I can’t remember, and it generally doesn’t seem like the sort of thing I’d like, since I hate violence, but somehow I can’t stop watching these.  There’s just something about the indomitable spirit of man triumphing over an evil system that makes it a real thrill.  This one, of course, is even better, since the guy proclaims his innoncence throughout.

Now I’d like to read the book Papillon.  And I’m SO glad I saw the movie first so that I would know how to pronounce the name.  It drives me nuts to read books with names I don’t know how to pronounce.  I spend way too much time trying out different pronunciations.  (Anybody else, or is this just my little private quirk?  Somehow I can’t relax and enjoy the story until I know how to say it.  It’s Pah-pee-YOHN, rhymes with phone, for those who wanna know) 

I just spent some time reading up on Devil’s Island, which was really interesting.  It’s hard to comprehend, in our sheltered life, that prisons like that could have ever existed, (and probably still do.)  I always wonder how there could be enough incredibly cruel people to staff a place like that–a prison or a concentration camp.  What kind of warped mind could handle the guilt?  Or are they so deceived that they feel no guilt?  Hard to imagine.


My son is going to have his twelfth birthday in a few days, and I have NO idea what on earth to get him for a gift.  Does anyone else know a child who hardly ever mentions any wants?  All my other kids have lots of things they’d like at any given time.  He has none.  How are we ever going to buy this boy a gift?  Anybody have ideas?

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  1. samcgarber says:

    I have an idear – buy ‘im the book ‘PappyLawn’ (I read that book – it’s about a guy who kept escaping from prison like seven times)…

  2. momtoH_VandJ says:

    RYC: Thanks for the potato recipe. Sounds good! :sunny:

  3. Idea for your son….a chemistry set…. Builds creativity in young men but be prepared to repaint your ceilings!

  4. fwren says:

    A boy can never have too many books, ya know.  Books on the Titanic are the most popular thing for our almost 11-year-old gs right now.  He just can’t seem to get enough of them.

  5. um…what does he like to DO?  Does he have a favorite place to go or favorite restaurant?  maybe “fun” money with a friend to his favorite place….

  6. Wow. A kid without demands. Now, that’s a rare breed. What’s his “love language”? Perhaps he’d rather have a gift of time or the gift of you doing things for him instead of an actual present? I have no idea, but for someone who doesn’t have the “gimmies,” he might like an alternate gift idea.

  7. joy4jesus424 says:

    Yep, i’m with ya sister on the pronounciation of words…i find myself staring and staring and that thing trying different accents, etc.
    Here’s a good gift idea…a paintball gun. :fun (Please, please dont’ shoot me!)

  8. homefire says:

    Paintball gun–BAH!  I am NOT a fan of toy guns!!!!!! 
    I just got home from taking ds 15 to the eye doctor because he was hit in the eye with an airsoft pellet.  Unfortunately, they can’t tell whether there’s retina damage because there’s bleeding inside the eyeball, which they can’t see through.  That means he wants to send us to a specialist. 😦

  9. mamaglop says:

    Does he have a bike?  A scooter? Inline skates?  My boys liked building, especially Septus, so what about Kinex, erector set, or some other kind of building kit.  A radio kit?  Dinner out, and a movie, or a night in a hotel with an indoor pool?  Craft stores have rocket kits too.

  10. rodsgurl says:

    just wanted to say hi and that im xanga surffing love to all shellly.:love:

  11. JAM4the1Lamb says:

    Oh how wonderful a private villa and jacuzzi sounds!

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