Hey, did my picture in the banner disappear for everyone, or just for me?  Whazzup with that?    And I don’t have time to go fuss with it right now. 

I keep hearing this thud-thud-thud, and see huge masses of snow falling past the window.  My wonderful husband is shoveling snow off the roof.  We were getting an ice dam built up around the edges from all the freezing and thawing, and he was afraid it might result in roof leaks if we didn’t get it cleaned off.  One side of the house has a pile of snow several feet high, so there was a lot up there!  I’m just so thankful that he is taking care of it, and it’s not me up there!

I have had so many things buzzing through my brain that I suppose I should divide it up so that this post isn’t overwhelming, but who knows when I’ll get here again?  Sorry for the length of this post!

What I’ve been doing

This has been one crazy week.  Monday after school I started sewing, and pretty much sewed like a madwoman, taking a break only for a quick supper (which dd fixed) and bedtime reading.  Got the jeans quilt about half pieced together.  Woo-hoo!!!! 

Tuesday I wanted VERY badly to continue working on it, but I had to update a bunch of financial stuff I’ve been neglecting, which took all my free time.  That evening we went out to dinner (more on that later.)

Wednesday I still didn’t get to sew because I had promised to go help a friend who is moving (more on that later, too.)

Today I need to be cleaning because the young people will be here for supper and Bible study tonight, and the house looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for two weeks (with good reason. )

Why is it that when you’re not busy and have plenty of time, you have nothing to blog about, and when you’re too busy to sit down at the computer, you think of dozens of things?

Northern Lights

This morning I was reading in the Usborne Book of Knowledge about northern lights.  Since I was wondering about that recently, it was interesting to hear the idea that they are formed by particles from solar winds that collect at the poles of the earth because of the magnetic field of the earth.  Hmm.  I still wonder.

Interesting Food

The meal Tuesday night was really interesting.  When your friend who regularly cooks all sorts of exotic things tells you they’re having something kind of unusual, you do get curious (and a little worried!  )We had something I’d never had before, at least not exactly.  It was a “haystack” type meal, meaning that you just make a layer of one thing, then top it with something else, and then something else, and on and on until you’ve stacked it all up.  Then you eat the whole conglomeration together.  I had something similar once called a Hawaiian meal, but this was quite different, and amazingly wonderful!

Here are the layers:  Rice (hers was wild rice–yum,) Pinto beans, grated cheddar cheese, coconut, pineapple, chopped tomatoes, fried onions, pickled watermelon rind, and salsa.  It seems like there may have been something else, but I can’t think what.  Anyway, I was completely amazed that even my slightly picky eater actually liked it!  All but one of us was enthusiastic about having it again soon!  Just goes to show that you never know what works until you try it.  And for those of you who are turning up your noses, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it yourself! 

About that pickled watermelon rind–I’d never tried it, but it’s just like any other pickle, and tasted great.  Such a very thrifty thing to make pickles from–something that will be garbage otherwise!

Cleaning for a friend–true friendship!

Wednesday was one of those days that you dread, and then it turns out to be very rewarding and you wonder why you felt that way.  I went to help clean the house my friend is moving into, and boy, was it a challenge.  I have heard the term “dirt-encrusted” many times, but I have really never understood it until now.  We were there for 6 hours, and five of those hours I spent cleaning the bathroom, mostly the tub/shower.  I have never in my life seen one so dirty. 

It looked as if it had been used daily for at least five years without ever being cleaned.  There was soap scum so thick that it took forever to reach the actual tub surface.  Since this was an empty house, there weren’t a lot of tools around, but I did eventually come up with a method that really worked.  

Just in case anyone else has a job like this to face, I’ll pass it along.  After I had applied bathroom cleaner (three or maybe four different kinds) over and over, I realized that when you scrubbed the sticky soapy mess off, it would re-adhere somewhere else.  My scrub sponge was so full of soap that I couldn’t get it rinsed.  I was mostly just spreading the gunk around. 

What I needed was a scraper–a plastic one that wouldn’t scratch the tub.  Of course, there was nothing of that sort on the premises.  In desperation, I tried a plastic hanger–no luck.  Then I thought of taking the plastic cap off a spray can, and that worked like a charm.  Since it was curved,  you could even use it in the corners of the tub.  So I scraped the softened gunk with that, used a scrub brush to remove it from the little slip-proof ridges in the bottom of the tub, and then after a couple more overall cleanings, it was done! 

What had looked like a particularly disgusting blackened eyesore now looks like a new tub.  It was SO rewarding.  Of course, my back is a bit stiff today, but hey, it was worth it.

After that, I had to go shopping (groan) but boy, did I sleep well when I finally fell into bed last night. 

And now, I really must get busy and clean up this house.  And do that mountain of laundry, which has also been sorely neglected this week.

Oh, and rub my poor hubby’s back.  He just came in from his all-day shoveling job, and is lying on the floor moaning.  This is not good.  I think he needs me.



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  1. Odd.  When I come in from hard labor and lay on the couch or floor moaning, my wife either ignores me, steps over me, or gives me something to do on her way past.  I take it this situation improves over the years as she learns to like me better?  And what is it with you easterners?  You all flip out over In-N-Out stuff, and you act like the Hawaiian meal is a new invention…Very odd.

  2. fwren says:

    Yep, your pictures are gone!  😦   Hope you had them saved somewhere!!  The meal sounds great; the shower/tub sounds gross.  I had to clean one like that at one of the kids’ houses before they moved in ~ yech!!  Sounds like you both could use a hot tub somewhere!  :p

  3. oh dear.  the tub story has me grossed out!  how sweet of you to help her out!  i may need to scrape my tub after the mess my girls made in ours today!  LOL!!!
    the meal honestly does sound divine!  if you get the actual recipe, i’d love for you to share it with me.  just let me know if you do post it so i don’t miss out!
    you & your poor hubby sound like you guys both need a massuese of sorts to help ease that pain! 
    hang in there…take some ibu’s tonight or something like that.

  4. You are a good wife and a good friend. May God reward you with a weekend free to sew and sew and sew!

  5. In & Out is only the very best fast food chain known to humankind tying only with Fazolis….. They do hamburgers & fries like no one else! :goodjob:

  6. homefire says:

    Mary, I think that list is probably as close as I’ll ever come to a recipe.  The rice was just plain, ditto the beans…  It was just the combination of all those that made it so good somehow.  Try it!

  7. Yeah, I think it is only in Arizona, Nevada, & California or something like that…

  8. mamaglop says:

    That was a noble deed to do for your friend.  I’ve seen informercials with bathrooms like that, usually in a service station.  They’d  spray KaBoom or some such thing on, wait and wipe it off with a brand new white towel.  Of course they only show the first swipe.  KaBoom did work pretty well.

  9. Going nuts over Fazolis I can understand. I mean, really, Italian fast food, practically manna from heaven;)  Am I to understand the owner of this site has actually been sheltered to the point she has not experienced In N Out food?

  10. aj1965 says:

    I just cannot imagine a bathroom being allowed to get to that degree of….. nastiness :nono: !!  But I can relate with the great feeling you must have had when it was all clean!! :sunny:
    yes, your pictures are gone!
    I’d love to get a weekend of sewing!!  I’m re-doing some drapes of mine – making one large panel into two smaller ones – and it seems to take everything I’ve got to get back in there and finish the job!

  11. I have a bathroom you’re welcome to clean, and it’s not NEAR as bad!  😆

  12. Anonymous says:

    dh needs Reliv~:wave:

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