I am having a major crisis.  I began cutting out squares and rectangles (many, many sqares and rectangles) for a jeans quilt.  I have a huge bag full of old jeans that we have moved around from place to place over the past ten years or so (which my hubby has repeatedly threatened to throw away) planning for just such a project as this, and it is empty!!  This week I have measured and cut for hours, and just as it begins to look like I may actually DO this project instead of just talking about it ad infinitum, I run out!!!  What a cruel twist of fate.

So don’t leave any jeans draped over a chair around here, at least not any of which you are particularly fond.  I am stalking the house with scissors in my hand and a gleam in my eye. 

(Wicked witch laugh fades into silence…)


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  1. Too bad it’s not yard sale season yet– that’s where I always pick up cheap jeans.  If you live anywhere in Illinois you just let me know and I’ll send you several pairs that have been outgrown around here. :p

  2. Closing with the wicked laugh was a nice touch. You could be the star in a Disney Movie. 101 Jeans–watch the evil quilter lurk and steal the denim right from clotheslines! Then, they’ll have to have a valiant pair of jeans and her husband activate the Twilight spin cycle to alert the other jeans where you are holding your jeans captive. Then, they’ll all roll themselves in soot to pretend to be dress pants, and…

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL that is so funny- because yesterday when I was cleaning out my craft room I went through a box of fabric I had picked up on freecycle. I hadn’t went through it yet- but when I did I found a whole bunch of denim squares that someone had probably intended to start a quilt with… Back they went into my project pile with me thinking “OH what a cool idea! I will have to use them…” 😛 If you can’t find any jeans let me know and I can send these to you. Better they be put to use than just sit in my drawer forever! LOL

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did you cut squares using the pockets, also?  Those make neat quilts!  Someone made me a ‘special’ one, pockets and all, and backed it with flannel.  It is so warm! One, I’ll always treasure! 

  5. we are called to be seperate from the worlk…thus we are not responsible for meeting society’s expectations :). I don’t clebrate and pagan originated holy days, vday isn’t a holy day but I think it is a day people give too much importance to. I think in Jeremiah 10 it says learn not the way of the heathen :). What’s your stand on these things? Thanks for the comment. you ran out of denim, how big is this thing? Ask people you know for donations, or try a thrift shop where you can fill you bag for a flat price. Post some pics when you finish :).

  6. mamaglop says:

    That sounds like a lot of work.  I tried braiding a rug out of strips.  You could buy some jeans at the thrift store to finish the project? Or buy some colored denim at the fabric store to spice up the colors if you wish.

  7. Love the title.  Classic.  😆

  8. When we were doing a project like this we went to good will on a 1/2 off Saturday and picked up jeans for 1.25 a pair. We were careful to take the ones that looked least like anyone would ever wear them. Boy, did we get some odd looks walking out of the place with 20 pair of oddly sized jeans.  Oh, and it turned out to be a *great* variety of colors!   Cheer!   ~M.E.

  9. fwren says:

    You are a hoot, my girl.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh man, you are always too funny!! Actually there are a few jeans with holes around this house (there always seems to be with my 4 Brothers at home climbing, falling, etc. in their free time). :goodjob:~Have a great time with the search,Lael

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