front yardFor those of you who are feeling snow-deprived,   here are some pics I took this week.  This one is our front yard.








And our back yard.  I think this tree looks backyard trees snow

neat because it’s totally sheltered from the wind and the snow never blows off.  It just keeps piling until gravity finally does the job.  So some of the piles of snow are still trying to decide which way to fall! 






deck snowAnd the deck.  Those top rails are 6 inches wide, but it’s amazing how much snow can hang onto them!  And yes, those odd lumps in the foreground are our deck furniture. 







icicle frame

This was one of those artistic attempts that actually turned out sort of like I intended! 

There!  Now you’ve all had your snow fix for the day! 



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  1. JAM4the1Lamb says:

    Wow! Such beautiful property you have! I have snow all around and have been playing in it all week, yet I still feel a bit jealous looking at those pictures.RYC – Yes, definitely a little crazy. But most definitely fun. The craziest part came this morning when I was driving down the road with a bad vibration before I finally realized I didn’t clean the snow out of the tire rims, which meant they were way out of balance.

  2. I am sooo gonna have to come visit! That is beautiful!

  3. We have only had flurries twice, but no accumulation.  Your snow is lovely.  Please know that I would love to trade places with you for a bit when you tire of it.  :spinning:

  4. Anonymous says:

    Okay I’ve had my snow fix!    :goodjob:     Those pictures are beautiful!  Just a big fluffy white blanket

  5. Thanks!  the pics are beautiful.  Of course, down here in the south, we haven’t seen 1 flurry, and two days ago it was 71 degrees even though we’ve actually had an unusually cold winter :spinning:  Anyway… I don’t know what I’d do if we had snow…but I sure do like looking at it!

  6. fwren says:

    I love that last shot!

  7. :sunny: Try and stay warm!

  8. Pretty, pretty, pretty! And I am feeling snow-deprived. Ah, I can dream, eh?

  9. wow, I’m at awwwww…..these are some beautiful pictures you have taken…

  10. nancyclark says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pics.  A few years ago I was so desperate to see snow that we took a trip to Pennsylvania in the Winter.  We had friends in the Somerset  and Confluence area and spent about a week there.  I was amazed by how cold it actually was and also how beautiful.  Although we’ve had snow a few times I’ve never lived in it for longer that a couple days.  I can’t imagine snow being my reality.  It is a completely different way of life. 

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