Well, ajhollis  tagged me over a week ago, so I suppose to avoid being a poor sport, I really should come up with six weird things about myself.  This was really a challenge, of course, since I’m so normal. 

1.  I have a thing about toilet lids.  They are supposed to be DOWN.  As in, closed!  Now I don’t really think this is weird at all, mind you, (I mean, why put a lid on something if not to close it, right?) but it is a major pet peeve with me that an incredible number of people simply waltz away and leave the ugly thing gaping open.  Judging by the times I have to close them, I’m assuming that this is weird to other people.

2.  I am very picky about bedcovers.  They have to come exactly up to my neck, and they can’t be too tight over my feet.  Most people tuck WAY too much in at the bottom, so that if I pull them up to my neck, then I can’t wiggle my toes.  That means that the first thing I do when getting into a bed that I didn’t make myself is to pull all the covers out at the bottom. 

3.  I hate long toenails scraping on the sheets, too.  Perhaps this is why when I was a little girl, I used to bite my toenails?     Yep, really.  I was more flexible then, apparently.  I haven’t actually tried, lately, but I think I’d struggle to do that now. 

4.  I never roll over while I sleep.  I really would like to, because I think maybe I wouldn’t wake up so stiff and sore, but I just don’t.  I’m always flat on my back, with my arms in the same exact position.  Like a mummy.

5.  I despise blowing my nose in public so much that I almost never do it.  It has to be a true emergency before I will.

6.  And lest that makes me sound as if I’m an obsessive germophobe or something, I’ll finish up with this one:  almost nothing makes me lose my appetite.  I am always skeptical of people who get grossed out and can’t eat.  I don’t care what you say or do, it generally doesn’t make my food taste bad.  Sure, I prefer nice dinner table conversation, but I don’t push my plate away just because someone says the word booger!  I also am amazed that some people won’t eat something their child has left on their plate or drink out of the same cup.  I have no problem with it as long as there’s no obvious contamination.  I think that’s probably why we’re all so healthy in this family–all those germ exchanges build up good immune systems! 

Oh, there’s one other weird thing I forgot.  I never forward things that are e-mailed to me unless I WANT TO, and I’m not tagging anyone unless they wanna be tagged.  So if you think this sounds fun, post 6 weird facts about yourself.  Otherwise, you’re free! 



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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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5 Responses to

  1. fwren says:

    You caved too!   :p    And I’m finally going to also ~ sometime today, I think ~ I’m just gonna give up and give in, I guess.   :whocares:

  2. ajhollis says:

     I am sorry you felt forced into this!! I would have let you off the hook really!! You are in America land of the free. Everything is a choice!! LOL
    You threw that toenail story in to punish me didn’t you!!!!

  3. I used to be a normal person, but when I was pregnant with my first, the whole idea of spit–mine or anyone else’s–made me nauseous. I could barely brush my teeth! It continued through all five pregnancies. Actually, I knew I was pregnant with #4 because I started gagging when I was brushing my teeth.So, I get queasy when there is talk of spit, look of spit, or at the thought of eating or drinking after someone. Just like those stretch marks, this disgust didn’t go away when the baby was born!~Mary

  4. mamaglop says:

    This was fun to read.  1.  That is a very good habit to have when there are toddlers in the house, though I’m one of the ones who would try your patience. 2.  Interesting… Mr. M kicks all the cover out at the bottom so I don’t know if this would bother me or not.  3.  Yup, that’s wierd, but I’m impressed that you could. 4.  That one is different too.  You could sew a tennis ball on the back of your night shirt, that should get you moving. 5.  Admirable.  6.  It takes a lot for me too, I wish I could remember an occasion when it did.  I think I was pickier before kids.

  5. Anonymous says:

    1. Totally agree with the toilet lid thing. I’m always amazed at how many people leave theirs up. 2.I like the covers over my ears, and lose around my feet. 3. I like long fingernails, on women, not men! But I always keep my toenils short. 4. I don’t know how much I move when I’m sleeping. 5. We had a guy demonstrate a sweeper in our home who couldn’t stand to blow his nose in public. first I’d ever heard of that. 6. I can’t stand hearing about blood, or gaping wounds or anything disgusting from the mouth or nose. It’s very difficult for me to eat while such a conversation is going on.

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