Ted Dekker has a really intricate, creative mind.  This book is not as weird as Thr3e or Blessed Child, but it definitely has some little twists that are fascinating to think about.  It’s a good remedy for those times when we wish we could see into the future–I don’t think my mind could handle what this book describes!  It also has some good discussion on free will and predestination, which has always been a bit mind-numbing to me.  I was totally intrigued by the description of the life of a Saudi Arabian princess–horrifying, but sort of gruesomely fascinating.

All in all, it’s a good book, except for one scene that struck me as just really stupid!  Well, okay, maybe that’s not the most tactful way to say it (but who said I was tactful?  I come from a long line of untactful women ) but it definitely did not fit the storyline and didn’t make sense, and I would have edited it out in a heartbeat.  Or at the very least changed the dialogue to a different setting. 

Now that I have devoted my morning to good literature , I am going to go try to mend some insulated coveralls.  Wish me luck–I’ve been putting this project off for ages.


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  1. fwren says:

    I’ve never tried Mr. Dekker’s books ~ sounds interesting ??  You say you come from a long line of untactful women ~ really?  😆  That’s one way to put it, but I don’t consider you untactful, just forthright.  Mending insulated coveralls ~ that sounds like something I would put off too ~ yech!

  2. ajhollis says:


  3. I read House. That was a dumb book. Was that more Ted Dekker’s style? It didn’t seem to be Frank Peretti’s style. Hope the coveralls turned out well. Mending multiple layers and types is always tricky.

  4. Well, when you are crazy about the Chicken Dance, you manage to find things…. I currently have a Chicken Dance Elmo, a little yellow chicken & a wedding card. I am always on the lookout! As to how often I actually do it, that is classified…..
    I am game anytime for Mexican!

  5. I need a new ‘car book’ ( the book I keep in the car to read while waiting during various taxiing chores)  I think I’ll pick this one up.  Thanks! ~M.E.

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