Well, guess what? I found the pictures of the gingerbread house. I thought they must have gone with Dot to India, but dh found them hidden in some obscure folder. So here they are.

06 no courtyard This one shows the front before the courtyard was on. I made a Santa Fe style house this year, which was a new challenge. I’d never done a flat roof before. It sagged, but didn’t fall. 

06 top with courtyard And here’s a view from the top with the courtyard. Notice the gravel path–only purple, green and white Nerds–thus the sorting. Orange and yellow gravel just didn’t look right.

06 front with courtyard The final front entrance.

06 back view And a back view. I was a little disappointed in this one–you can’t see the French doors very well, but it’s the best I have.

And for those of you who were concerned about the earless gummi bears, they are in the wreaths. Their ears had to go in order for them to fit together nicely, but I’m sure they didn’t feel a thing, and were happy to lose their ears for the cause.


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  1. mamaglop says:

    Regarding your comment about organizing, I know what you mean!  It’s so nice to meet a kindred spirit there.  You can’t sell the cradle and toy box! Can you use them to hold floor pillows or board games?  I had dreams of having a sale where everything I want to keep was removed from the house and people paid $5.00 for a big paper grocery bag and admission.  “Take anything that will fit out with you.”   I form relationships with things much too easily.  I went into mourning when my husband sold our first car.  I think the gingerbread house looks fabulous! You’d never know those were gummy bears.  Is this actually going to be eaten?  and what happened to the yellow and orange nerds?:wink:

  2. That house is over the top wonderful. You must be a Texan (or some southwestern gal). My mother-in-law gave me a ceramic, light-up cactus for Christmas one year. It was kitchy and great, and now I can’t find it. Grr.

  3. homefire says:

    Oh, it’s already been eaten!  One year I just couldn’t stand to let the kids eat it, but after we brought it home, then what in the world do you do with it?  It’s always a little painful when they start punching holes in it, but hey, that’s what it’s made for!
    And nope, I’m not southwestern.  Just wanted to try something different this year!:spinning:

  4. I love the house!!  I especially love the gummy bear ear wreaths.  Very cool!!

  5. That is one awesome house!  I want to make a mansion next year.  Although, the one we did make, didn’t get eaten very well.  It was a box kit and tasted like cardboard…..did you make yours from scratch?  I’m thinking that’s what I need to do next year.

  6. Wow.  That is so amazing.  How did you make the windows such a beautiful color and look like they’re lighted from within?

  7. ajhollis says:

    Different,gingerbread house, to say the least. I like it though very unique!!
    Any support for weight loss is great let’s do the accountability loop for sure!! I won’t lie I am a total junky especially at the holidays so I did eat a ton of stuff. But I didn’t really gain any weight which is the good news. The bad news is over the summer for some strange reason, birthday’s and cakes probably,I gained 8 pounds. So it’s got to come off soon too!! At least I don’t mind exercising I have too much energy to sit during the day. I love to veg out on TV at night though for sure!

  8. homefire says:

    The windows are lighted from within.  They’re made of butterscotch candy, and there’s a short string of Christmas lights inside the house.  If you look at the last picture, you can see the cord coming out through the French doors.
    And as to what happened to the orange and yellow Nerds and gummi bear ears…well, that’s a secret!  :laugh:

  9. fwren says:

    Whoa!  Now that’s a house!  :goodjob:

  10. homefire says:

    Yes, Berylla, I make it from scratch, but really the gingerbread is still not that great.  It’s wonderful fresh out of the oven, and the kids eat all the trimmings while it’s still warm, but after it sets a couple weeks, no one eats much.  They usually just eat all the candy off and set the gingerbread out for the birds.

  11. homefire says:

    Thanks, fwren!  I already have a good idea for next year.  🙂

  12. Wow!  This is GREAT!  Good job!

  13. Anonymous says:

    It reminds me of the project my Mom made us do for school! Which was…. make a replica of Solomons temple completly out of Lego… sigh much stress went into that project. Not to mention around 5 weeks worth of “free time.” (this seems like forever when you are younger)

  14. Wow! That takes alot of thought, math (yuck), and time. Great job!!!!!!! I would have to incorporate my Beloved on the Engineering part and I would do the mixing, cutting,baking and yes, the best part, the building and decorating!

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