Oh, blah.  :badhair:  I woke up icky today.  Just oppressed and grumpy for no particular reason. 

Does anyone else not really like Christmas?  I know that sounds terrible, but I just find it overwhelming.  I hate to shop, so gift-buying really isn’t fun (though shopping online helps that a lot) and it stresses our budget terribly, so every purchase is a bit of a wrench.  I also feel like I need to be doing all those neat extra things that make memories, and all those neat extra things take so much energy:yawn:

This year I have done almost nothing so far.  We usually do an Advent reading of some sort–this year I didn’t even get out the wreath or buy candles.  Finally got out the nativities a few days ago.  Haven’t baked anything–I haven’t even started on the gingerbread house.  I have done practically no shopping.  Haven’t started Christmas cards/letters and I’m not gonna until this family gets some sort of a picture to put in it. 

I know that lots of this stems from the fact that our family is growing up and suddenly it’s much harder to get everyone together for readings in the evening or for a picture, it’s harder to schedule time to go shopping.  I don’t adapt well, I guess.

And right now I need to be getting ready for company this weekend, but all I really want to do is sit by the fire and do NOTHING.  I also have laundry that must be done and a bunch of turkey that I need to chop and put in the freezer, and food that needs to be fixed for the weekend, not to mention kids that need yanked out of bed and schooled.  It’s so easy to let them sleep all day when I feel like this.  Yikes, it’s past nine.  :oops:  Gotta get in gear!

edited to add:  I just visited  namamekashii  and was reminded that  Christmas is not about me–it’s all about Jesus!!  I’m sorry to be negative–pray that I can keep that in the forefront!


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  1. aj1965 says:

    :heartbeat: Thanks for your honesty! I’ve definitely been there plenty!! I know, for me, I have simplified Christmas a lot the last couple years, and it really does make things a lot more relaxing.  First of all, if I’m struggling with hormones (which it sounds like you may be?), I call off a lot of extra stuff I’d planned and determine that this day is going to be easy….. that is, when I remember to do this formula…. :p, and that makes things better from the start.  I decided, also, that Christmas time is NOT the time for me to “go all out” with my creativity and all that “memories” cr…. I mean stuff! I LOVE making memories & all, but some of us mommies need to get a little more realistic about the busyness of our lives and chose just a couple/few important things to us to do with our families and then make them as simple as possible without any need for perfection.  As far as gifts go, I used to be the “gift queen” and everyone’s present was spectacularly thought out and planned and wrapped, etc…… not any more! For example: if I find a nice sweater for the right price in the men’s department, most of the men are getting that sweater…. I will get them different colors, however :shysmile:.  I found a great silver jewelry website and have done all my “female” Christmas shopping there.  The jewelry is “free”, you just pay $5.99 in shipping and handling (there’s more than one of these sites, this one is my favorite!) , and so far I’ve been VERY pleased with what I’ve gotten…. and I’ve gotten a lot :yes:! They have semi-precious gemstones and some simulated rubies & sapphires in most of their stuff! It takes about 5-7 business days to get them.  The site is: http://www.silverjewelryclub.com and if you’re going to use it, let me know and I’ll give you some additional information about their main website so you know what you want ahead of time. O.k……. this got a bit long, sorry! Have a better day!! :sunny:

  2. fwren says:

    We have so many traditions that I have started, and now I wonder, “What was I thinking?!!”  Because, funny thing is, keeping them up becomes “expected” and with a failing memory, I am bound to disappoint by forgetting one of them, of all things.  So my advice would be, keep your traditions special, but FEW!  :p   Traditions are nice, but can become a bit of bondage as we grow older.  I’m thinking our family is going to have to trim a few of them out, make a few changes one of these years, and just have tradition “memories” !!  😉  One of these years; I’ll try keeping them up for awhile yet, but this lady is getting weary!  And I’m not even old yet!  😆

  3. homefire says:

    Oh, you’re not?
      Sorry!  😆  I just couldn’t resist!   

  4. The thing I like least about Christmas is that we never save money ahead of time and then we don’t have money to buy very much!  I am getting a few things for the boys this year, but I think Todo and my Christmas presents were purchased this past week when we spent the night in a suite and bought ourselves several clothing items!  And I to have to remind myself that Christmas is about Jesus, not about how many presents we have.  One tradtion that Todo’s family started that I think is awesome, they take up a collection of money and give it to a family who needs it!  We have so much and there are so many who would love to have even 1/4 of what we have!  Thinking about those at Christmas time really helps keep Christmas in perspective.

  5. fwren says:

    Homefire, I am older, not old!  Be careful ~ a few more years and you’ll be there too (smirk).  I just like to think of myself as a “new antique” !!

  6. ElizabethDNB says:

    We all have those days!
    Praying for you to SNAP OUT OF IT as my G’ma would say very soon!!

  7. mamamerth says:

    Yah, I have had those Christmas times. Especially after my dad died…. Christmas was his favorite time of the year. I love Christmas now.. I love seeing the anticipation throughmy son’s eyes. We keep Christmas simple, very simple– I like that. For me it more the time I spend with those I love than the presents, parties and hoopla. Regarding your post. Isn’t music fun!! I am listening to Elvis singing a Christmas song on my computer while I type. :sunny:Yeah, the slipped vertebre or disc is not fun.. doesn’t hurt much unless I bend over, sit forward or try to lay down unmedicate. Standing is my best bet. I slept pretty good last night. I have tried other painkillers but Advil seems to work the best… I do have something stronger but that is a “last resort”. I just moved and had to lift a bunch of heavy boxes so… you can see where I messed my body up. I am be thankful I didn’t pop my hip out if its socket… I did that in May (a week or so before Mother’s Day). Hee!! 🙄

  8. Anonymous says:

    Everything is going to be all right. We didn’t have much money to buy gifts this year and our girls have been very understanding. The last few years we’ve missed doing a lot of traditional type activities because my husband and I had to work so much. This year I work from home and it has helped because we talk about Christmas and what it really means and we’re together a whole lot more, which is way more precious than gifts. God bless you for being so honest. The Lord loves you sweetie.

  9. Thanks for your kind comments about my profile picture. I know how easy it is to get discouraged about all there is to do. I hope you make lots of time for yourself and just “sitting and being.” Saying “no” to almost everything (even if I feel guilty) helps too!

  10. SpazzyMommy says:

    WOW, a fresh breath of HONESTY!!!! :coolman:
    I know EXACTLY how you feel about the worldy expectations of Christmas….and we as mommys and Christians seem to take the bait and think that this magical, energetic surge of Christmas cheer is supposed  to burst from us all through Decemeber. Well, it doesn’t. I have put aside my “unrealistic dreams” and focus on the the things that WE CAN DO…….your going caroling at the nursing home on Wednesday- it always helps me feel less “GRINCHY” and more “CHEERY”. :goodjob:
    I hope you feel better!!! 🙂

  11. We all have those days.  Tomorrow’s a new day.

  12. marys_hubby says:

    I love Christmas. However, I’m starting to hate all the expected gift giving and stuff like that. Takes the focus off of why we even celebrate it.RYC: Thanks!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for your comments. I’ve been praying that my xanga site will be an encouragement to other women. Namamekashii is Japanese and means Captivating. I started reading the book Captivating by John Eldridge and his wife about the time I started my xanga site, so hence Namamekashii.
    This Christmas will be interesting…3 months ago, God asked me to give up desserts and junk food as a physical symbol of what he is doing spiritually in my life. This will continue through March. His grace is sufficant, and is there just when we need it, if we but ask. But I will miss the party mix I make every year and the peanut clusters. But that’s OK, God has done so much on my life the past 3 months!! He is awesome. I pray that you will be able to allow yourself to say no to what brings you stress rather than joy and just focus on Jesus this year. For Christmas our kids are getting a board game, a CD and a movie. Some of the items are used but in good condition. They don’t need anything so why spend alot of money unnecessarily? They are 16 and 13.
    Be blessed and I pray that joy will fill your heart as you gaze at the Christ Child.

  14. Homefire and fwren, anything over 25 can be considered a collectible.

  15. homefire says:

    Collectible?  Why thank you!  It’s nice to be wanted.  (how did you know i was over 25, anyway?  I look so young)

  16. ShineOn1983 says:

    Age is a state of mind. The younger you act, the younger you are:)

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