We had a great weekend listening to what herb had to say.  VERY interesting stuff. 

Exactly two weeks from now, Lord willing, we should be in


I’m dreading the packing and unpacking, but excited about the visit.  I think it will be sort of a whirlwind, by the looks of our schedule, but I’m sure it will be fun.  I am wondering, though, if it is possible to be entertained in about ten different homes in the course of a week without gaining mega-pounds. 

Meanwhile, I am struggling to keep up with things around here, so I’m not sure how I’m going to manage getting ready for a trip!  Pray for me!


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  1. ElizabethDNB says:

    Hey that is where we are!  It has been too hot, but it should be cooler by the time you get here.  Let me know if you need a good church to go to while you are in town. If you are in Orange County.  Otherwise I am no help what so ever!

  2. fwren says:

    Now THAT is cool!  Any special reason?  Wish we could go to CA again soon ~ so fun!  Has your computer or keyboard been down?  Haven’t seen much of you this week.  Nary a comment for the last day or less.  😥  😉

  3. ShineOn1983 says:

    Fortunate! That is where D. proposed to me:love:
    The struggling to keep up must be in the air, for I too have done horrible. I feel like a rotten wife, and I tell D. so no less than ten times a day.

  4. Modesto?  My parents live up in the mountains…..across from an Apple Ranch, it’s beautiful up there.  Love Modesto too though!
    If you see Judith Nachatelo, tell her I said Hi!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ew..California…I dont know Lloyd, the French are jerks.

  6. Thursday evening dinner?  Not aware of one just yet.  Where at, who with, etc, etc?  Anybody else coming that you know of, preaching or not?  Dean Jones’ and Lowell Millers’ are supposed to show as well as Bill’s.

  7. homefire says:

    We’re going to West Modesto.  And yup, fwren, the computer has been acting screwy–not sure what’s going on, but sometimes it won’t start–just keeps rebooting.  We’ve updated some drivers, but not sure we’ve solved it yet.  I guess the keyboard wasn’t the problem.  The whole thing is quite unpredictable.  🙄

  8. You refer to WM’s Ministers Supper?  We aren’t in that flock, I’m afraid.  We even moved east of the one you thought we were in.  But yes, we will touch bases sometime around the weekend, I’m sure.

  9. cfilbs says:

    Well, we will be waiting with baited breath..(sounds like I’m trying to catch a fish with my mouth…durrr)  See yah thar!

  10. Angieprays says:

    :goodjob:Pray for you!Blessings,Angie

  11. mujerfeliz says:

    I guess you could say that I am fairly good with my spanish…..my husband is hispanic and we have only spoken spanish together for the last 8 years.  He is learning some english now.  I have telemarketers calling me in spanish and wondering which country I am from.  Hang in there with the lessons….if you can go to stay in a spanish speaking culture for a while it will help greatly.

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