Who controls you?

More from the sermon Sunday:

Have you ever played with a remote control car? It’s a pretty neat thing to see it go farther and farther away, with you still controlling it. And remote control is an amazing thing—just think of the Mars rover, which is controlled from Earth. It’s so many miles away that it takes several minutes for the waves that control it to actually get there. But people on earth are still telling it what to do.

The Israelites were much the same. The tentacles of Egypt were still stretching out and controlling their behavior, whether they knew it or not. True, Egypt was back on the other side of the sea, and their army had been destroyed, but they allowed it to affect them anyway.

Is my identity formed by where I have been? NO! My identity is not in Pharaoh–my identity is in Jesus Christ. In Him I am a new creature. I’ve been miraculously delivered, and the forces against me have been soundly and decisively defeated, but if I’m still “connected” to Egypt, it’s still controlling me! Being saved is a beginning, but one can be saved without being totally liberated. Taking me out of Egypt doesn’t necessarily take Egypt out of me! The good news is that, in Jesus, we can become completely free! Through Him, we can live out our salvation (Phil. 2:12.)

What is my “Egypt?” What is there in my past life that is still pulling me back? Consider the teenager who is angry and rebellious. He’s going through a time of life that is scary—lots of new beginnings, new responsibilities—and that fear that he doesn’t admit manifests itself as anger. That fear, which the young person may not even acknowledge, is controlling his actions.

Am I bitter against anyone? Bitterness will control you as well. It will drag you back to feelings and actions that you thought you had left behind. And the only way to break the connection that is controlling you is to forgive. Forgive comes from the same root word as “exhale.” In order to truly forgive another, I must put the matter completely OUT of me.

In John 14:30, Jesus says that the prince of this world “hath nothing in me.” Let’s make sure that he has nothing in us, either. Break that old connection that is driving you and make a NEW connection to Jesus!

The remote control car will not respond to the controller if you take out the part that receives the signal. If our hearts are completely centered on Jesus, there is nothing to receive the old signals.

The older people in the desert, who had hardened their hearts against God, had to die before the younger ones could come into the Promised Land. In the same way, the old creature must die before the new one can live in freedom.

To sum it up—in order to experience Liberation Salvation, one must:

  1. Find identification in Christ Jesus

  2. Immerse yourself in the Word of God (which is Jesus)

  3. Judge Him faithful, who has promised! (Heb 11:11)

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!

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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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7 Responses to Who controls you?

  1. samcgarber says:

    “All these I have kept. What do I still lack?”

  2. fwren says:

    Wow, homefire, this post is really powerful!  “Liberation Salvation” ~ good one!  May the great I AM enable us by the power of His Holy Spirit to break the chains that try to keep us tied to the past ~ shake the dust from our feet and kick the chains out of reach.  Face forward, heart turned upward, soul reaching toward a closer and closer walk with JESUS!  Sin has no more dominion over the saved; neither should the past.  We need to just lay it down!  The thing is, it is easy to say, but difficult to do.  Philippians 4:13  Amen to your post.

  3. dotmarie says:

    Do you know what the word “plagiarism” means????? 🙂

  4. samcgarber says:

    Do you know what the word “plagiarism” means?????

  5. homefire says:

    Thanks, Dot.  I guess the first line didn’t get in there.  Now it’s there.  These are NOT my own thoughts–they were taken straight from my notes.  Better, kiddo?  😉
    Goodness, that was close!  (whew)  It would be bad to get sued by your own pastor!

  6. samcgarber says:

    after all he’s a Colonel…

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