Are we humbly grateful?

Or are we grumbly hateful?

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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well that is a thought for the day to hold on to!!! :wave:

  2. aj1965 says:

    ……. unfortunately, sometimes a bit of both!! 😦 But I prefer the grateful one!!! :sunny:
    ryc: thank you so much for your visit to my site and your comments. I think you made a really great point about being “human and approachable” as opposed to intimidating.  I’ve recently had an opportunity to minister to my neighbor (a real “heart goal” of my life!) who is going through some very trying times. Because of my “non-religious” attitude, she broke down and talked to me about many hurts in her life, including her rejection by her church 25 years ago as an unwed mother, and even let me pray for her and started asking about coming to our Christmas program at church! YAHOO!!! I’m so geeked!! I am really praying that she comes and gives her life back to the Lord. But if I had not been “real” and approachable (she knows some of my own struggles as well), I doubt she would have ever been so transparent.  She asked me all about our beliefs and I was able to openly share about a daily relationship with Jesus and that we believe the whole Bible is true and all sorts of fun stuff! (Can you tell I’m a bit excited!!?) I have never tried to cover up my own sins with her, but openly admit them and let her know I’m letting God work in my heart and change me on the inside…… this is something I never did years ago when I thought Christians had to appear to have it “all together” because I’d cause God shame, but the fact of the matter is…… we don’t have it all together and God is big enough to stand up for Himself without my “help”! No matter how hard we try to repress or cover up our sin, we really are sinful to the core, and it really is ONLY by GRACE that we’re saved!! That’s where the freedom is! Knowing we’re sinners, not wanting to be, repenting, not using it as a license to sin, but letting those moments drive us to our knees and draw us closer to the heart of Daddy God so He can change our hearts and make us more and more like Jesus!
    …….. o.k. I guess it’s ME who got on the soapbox, this time (not a rare thing, however!!!):wink:! I’ll go home now! :giggle:

  3. ShineOn1983 says:


  4. fwren says:

    I am usually grateful, but perhaps a bit crumbly!  :spinning:

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ha Ha!

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