Confanity wrote:

Kaballah teaches us that Torah contains an infinite, or at least a large indefinite, number of layers of meaning

Just realized that I missed this. While I would agree with the statement, I’m curious about its source.

I did a search and found some very odd things. It seems that “Kabbalah teaches that the universe began not with an atom or a subatomic particle, but with a thought of God.” I like that!   However, many of the mystical and superstitious things Kaballah teaches, I would find to be pretty shaky.

Do you tie a red string around you to ward off the evil eye, for instance? And are you a positive or a negative energy in my life?

Do you read the Zohar? (a commentary on the Bible)

“Zohar is literally an unlimited resource of brilliant spiritual Light. Simply possessing The Zohar brings power, protection, and fulfillment into our lives. Then, as we scan the pages in the original language or study them in translation, a deep connection to the Creator’s Light comes into being. As we gain intimacy and understanding of The Zohar, our consciousness deepens and expands. Spiritually, we grow and evolve. We become who we need to be in order to gain the joy and fulfillment that God intends for us. ”  from

Gen 3:5 comes to mind…


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  1. Confanity says:

    Heh. This is a tricky area to get into. The problem is that Kabbalah isn’t a unified field; it’s an umbrella term given to Jewish mystical and related movements – and to Christian and New Age mysticisms inspired by the various Jewish ones – over the span of centuries. Asking “what is Kabbalah?” is like asking “What is the recipe for food?”And I must admit myself to be a relatively casual scholar; in the heydays, you needed to be a man of at least (if I recall) 40 years old, thoroughly steeped in Tanakh and halakha and Midrash, before you were considered equipped to fully understand the intricacies of Kabbalah. I’ve merely done a few hundred hours of independent reading and taken one class on Jewish mysticism at University.I tie no red threads; their effect is more in reminding one to be humble, anyway, than in any inherent magical property of red thread. I repeat a phrase to ward off the evil eye, kaynahara, in appropriate situations, but mostly because it pleased me to do so and has since become an idle habit. The energy of things depends on how you feel, but if you’re learning and enjoying yourself, that doesn’t sound too negative. I’ve read selections from the Zohar.As for the Kabbalah Centre; ugh. It’s a commercial enterprise that has lots of use for selling fancy expensive copies of books, and little use for actually looking for meaning. I, and most of the poeple with whom I’ve talked about the matter (it came up in that class), consider them no more connected to the heart of Kabbalah than a factory making plastic Jesus statues is to the heart of Christianity.

  2. ShineOn1983 says:

    I’m sorry to say this, but this all seems very stupid to me.
    Confanity-And yes, there is a use for male nipples. I just read where if the are stimulated long enough they can be used for milk, and have been by single fathers.
    There, that is my bit of stupidity for the day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ShineOn1983!! I laughed soooo hard over your comment (Big smile to you for starting off my day with a smile!!)homefire… mulling over the God thought idea…. there is something weird about it… something about God being tied down to “thinking.” (not sure…)

  4. Confanity says:

    Note to Crazy: God is represented almost continually in Tanakh through metaphors to human thought processes. Genesis 6:6 – “And the LORD regretted that He had made man on earth, and His heart was saddened.” If the Bible can talk about God experiencing regret, or being saddened, or having a heart in the human sense, despite existing outside the bounds of this universe and outside of what the human mind can conceive, then surely saying that God “thinks” is equally acceptable.

  5. ShineOn1983 says:

    *bows* Glad to be of service, mam:)

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