Have you ever noticed that you don’t find disabled wild animals?  A significant flaw in an animal nearly always leads to its early death.  Animals who can’t walk or fly can’t get food, and they die.  Or they can’t run away, so they are eaten by a predator. 

I realize this isn’t exactly news, but it just hit me strongly the other day.  We are so accustomed, even in our debased generation, to humans caring for the weaker ones.  Those who can’t see are outfitted with guide dogs or canes, those who can’t walk have wheelchairs.  And when a person can’t care for himself, other people take care of him.

This weekend we had a sad occurrence.  A monarch came out of its chrysalis with a deformed wing.  Naturally, with mismatched wings, it couldn’t fly.  It could only flutter helplessly, with no strength or control.  And there was absolutely nothing we could do for it. 

It’s a very sobering thing to realize that there is nothing to do–the poor creature is doomed.  And all because of an odd defect in its chrysalis.  For some reason, a little piece of the shell broke off, and evidently the creature’s wing dried out inside and didn’t form properly.  Was it because of poor nutrition?  Did it get bumped?  Who knows why it broke?  But it meant the death of a butterfly.  There is no way it can live without flying from flower to flower for nectar.

It just made me thankful that humans have the capability and the desire to protect the weak.  That, I think, is a part of what makes us truly human.  If my child is born with a defect, I don’t have to leave them to die, praise God! 

Which leads me to the thought that those who promote abortion have given up a part of their humanity.  Perhaps evolution DOES happen, though in reverse order from what many scientists have thought.  We begin life as humans, but without care and love and exercise in godliness, do we degenerate into beasts?


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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  1. fwren says:

    Like your thoughts on reverse-evolution.  Interesting. 

  2. ………………….perhaps!

  3. ocean_momma says:

    ~*~Beautiful post!!!~*~

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