I want to share a story from a homeschooling friend that touched me deeply.  This is from Ursie on the Sonlight forum.  Hope it inspires you!

When my mom was a LITTLE girl, at the time that the Jews were being gathered up in Germany, my mom was walking with my grandmother on the sidewalk in Bremen. Across the street, some brownshirts were dragging my grandmother’s best friend (who was Jewish)…she yelled out to my grandmother: “EMILY! They are taking me to where it is cold. PLEASE give me your boots!” My grandmother looked down at her daughter…my mother…she kept her head down and said, probably not loud enough for her friend to hear, “My child, I am with my child…I cannot help you or they might take me AND my child away, too, as a sympathizer.” The tears poured down her face and she never looked up. (Can you imagine how betrayed her friend must have felt?!) My mother says that my grandmother was NEVER the same after that.  My grandmother died, a rather bitter and tired OLD woman, at the age of only 60. IMHO, I think she was riddled with guilt. She did not know the LORD, so did not experience His forgiveness.   I’m crying again.

Now, the purpose of me sharing this story with my children is that our family lesson is: PROTEST LOUDLY and PROTEST EARLY to injustice and sin!! If you wait too long, it will be too late and you will not be able to do anything. My grandmother had NO power to do anything about the Nazis by that point in time–at least not as a woman walking with her child on the streets. BUT she obviously KNEW what was going on at the time, or she would not have been afraid to protest for the sake of her friend.  She had NOT been active fighting the evil…and now it was too late. It broke her spirit. It would have been better to FIGHT HARD and FIGHT EARLY. And she COULD have gone underground and fought after the event, too. But she did not.   I raise my children to never be in that position.

My other grandmother, although she was a widow with four children, fought against the SS dudes when they dragged my dad in for shopping at a Jewish bakery. I don’t know if it was the Holy Spirit or if the SS dudes thought my dad’s mom was insane (maybe BOTH!), but they left her alone. She helped as many Jews as she could, in the small ways that a poor widow could. She died in the peace of knowing the LORD at the age of 98, young in spirit.

Better to DIE fighting injustice than to live with yourself having not tried. That is the lesson I want my children to inherit.


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  1. ShineOn1983 says:

    Wow! How sad to die so guilty.

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