Fascinating how writing something that is close to my heart never prompts any response, while writing something inane and simple seems to get feedback.  What does this say about my readers, I wonder? 

Ah, controversy.  That must be the answer.  No one is spurred to respond unless they have a definite opinion, perhaps. 

Today I subjected myself to a 3 hour (each way) road trip to connect with a friend.  It was a very good day, other than riding, which I dislike.  We enjoyed the fellowship, took gifts, and came home loaded with gifts.  It did make me appreciate, however, having many good friends who live close.  What a blessing to have brothers and sisters in Christ who we can see every week.  One of those little things which we take for granted.

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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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  1. robbaker says:

    Thankyou for your comment. To answer directly I will admit that I feel that the writings of Paul are from Satan. The reason I believe this is becouse his writings oppose the simple teachings of Jesus. Jesus taught very simple,deep, and clear messages about serving God. and that he will be the judge of our souls. Paul teaches a message of Grace, and that we are uncapable of resisting sin and are only saved by a divine gift. I believe that the divine gift is Jesus and his words. If we follow him we will find hope. You mentioned a commitment of new believers. I assume you mean the commitment to live for him. I would like to know how someone can live for God and for themselves at the same time. We have the power to choose our own path in life. While so many follow their own goals, millions of depressed young people are struggling with deep questions of Life. This reminds me of when Jesus said “I was thirsty and you gave me drink”. If you would like me to clarify anything, please comment back.So if two verses in our Scripture contradict, then one is from God and one is not, and by default, it must be from the adversary. So are you saying that Paul’s writing was inspired by Satan rather than God? I agree with whoever said that they don’t contradict–it’s just a difference in wording. Are you fluent in Biblical Greek, that you are so certain of it?I do see your concern about easy-believism, and it’s a very real danger that converts won’t take their commitment seriously, but to say that these verses contradict each other is to trash a large portion of the New Testament! Do you really want to go there?Posted 6/20/2006 at 5:10 PM by homefire – delete – block user

  2. ShineOn1983 says:

    Has your site been inactivated? I can’t find it on the main page, but whenever you post I can get to your site. What’s up?

  3. ShineOn1983 says:

    Oh, and don’t feel bad. No one answers any of my post anymore, so at least you have SOME people replying.

  4. lifesaver247 says:

    Ha Ha!!! Yeah, I’ve seemed to notice the same problem. Somehow, I think the Sin of man would lead us to be enticed to Drama other than heartfelt contemplatings….?

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