I’ve only read one Ted Dekker before, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but this one is really neat.  Short, but impressive.  And it seems that there’s a series–oh, boy, if the library has the rest of them, there goes my week!





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  1. jcl1 says:

    You will like them all, I predict. There is a series, and it’s an impressive series.There are also many other books by Ted Dekker, and they’re mostly all good, though his two most recent, “Showdown” and “House” (House was co-authored with Frank Peretti), I didn’t find nearly as good. House was downright confusing–>boring. But for other titles, check out “Blink” (which is my favorite), “Three”, the trilogy – “Black,” “Red,” and “White,” and “Obsessed” (my second favorite).

  2. homefire says:

    The only one I had read was Blessed Child, and it was…  well….  weird.  Great suspense, but strange. 
    Jen, I chuckle every time I see that picture!

  3. Harps are fun, but they make playing guitar almost easy;)  R, Dekker does have some good stuff.  You didn’t care for Blessed Child?  Have you read the other two in that line?

  4. serviceofone says:

    Yes, it was Grandma B. =)

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